Thursday, October 9, 2008

American idle

I’ve got a few disclaimers here for the video: the man and woman can’t carry a tune in a bucket and the woman has a mild coughing jag during the song, leaving her duet partner to soldier on alone. Plus there’s a lyric about going to Canada, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the song’s subject because…well, she could see ya right from her front doorstep, ya know?

Nevertheless, of all the song parodies about Governor Gidget I think this is my favorite—its amateurish quality just makes me like it that much more, and some of the lyrics are pretty clever (and a bit naughty, so make sure you don’t play this one at work). (It also doesn’t hurt that it’s sung to the toe-tapping tune of the Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah.) This YouTube version also contains the lyrics onscreen, so it’s like having a Thursday night version of Friday Morning Sing-a-Long. (Sorry about the T-shirt ad in the top right corner, by the way.)


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