Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Detour: Road under construction

TVShowsOnDVD.com has a blurb up about a delay in the release of Infinity Entertainment’s Route 66: The Complete Second Season. The box set, whose street date was originally today, will instead be unleashed on November 4th. (I guess this gives Infinity a little extra time to screw this release up like they did with Season 1. They apparently fixed the problems with the second volume [the bad composition used for widescreen TV’s] when they re-released the set but Bob “Master of His [Public] Domain” Huggins informed me that the prints were still sub-standard.)

Also at TVShows is an article about the Britcom Christmas release I told you about a week or two back—except this is the Canadian version (released by Morningstar) and would appear, judging from the shows listed, not to have as many as the Televista set…plus it’s being released a week after, on November 18th. (The Televista set is also cheaper as well.) As to what the deal is, confusion-wise…your guess is as good as mine.

MGM fans (particularly those who like their movies to sing and dance) might be interested to learn that the Emmy Award-winning 1992 miniseries, When the Lion Roars, is going to be available come January 20, 2009. The three-part documentary was hosted by Patrick “Make it so” Stewart, who I’m sure we all remember from his numerous appearances in those classic films musicals of the 40s, 50s and 60s. (Ah, sarcasm…be my wild mistress.) This sort of thing isn’t particularly my cup of Orange Pekoe but I’m sure other TDOY readers will groove on it.

I ran across this blurb courtesy of my CharredHer.net homepage yesterday—a recent auction of mementos from Bob “But I just wanna tell ya…” Hope’s collection netted $601,000 for charity. I’m dying to know what the subject of the handwritten letter (from 1951) to Bing Crosby (which went for $5,000) was about, but I thought Krista at Sunny Side Up! would be tickled about this big ticket item: an autographed photo of Lucille Ball (with teeth blackened out) that was sold for $6.562. “Lucille Ball sold for Marilyn Monroe prices,” observed Darren Julien, the president of the auction company. “Amazing.”

Finally—as I was typing this little potpourri of yesteryear items I was interrupted by a phone call from the good folks at CharredHer, who for some odd reason have been trying to get hold of me the past few days. I decided to go ahead and answer, and a woman asks me if she can speak to a Philip Morris…

A punch line sent by the Gods of Comedy doesn’t present itself too often, so I yelled out that oh-so-memorable phrase: “Call for Philip Mor-aissss…” And the amazing thing is she actually was old enough to understand the joke…


Krista said...

Its about time Lucy beats the shit out of Marilyn..

Krista said...

oh, i'm also eagerly awaiting that When the Lion Roars set! YAY.