Thursday, November 6, 2008

California puts the smackdown on Yin—Yang emerges unscathed…

So—let me see if I have this “Yes on Prop. 8” measure understood…

These people cannot be married:

Ellen DeGeneres laments gay ban in Calif.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ellen DeGeneres says she is "saddened beyond belief" by the passage of a constitutional amendment in California banning gay marriage.

The talk show host said in a statement Wednesday to The Associated Press that she, "like millions of Americans, felt like we had taken a giant step toward equality" by electing Barack Obama as president.

DeGeneres says that with the passage of California's Proposition 8, "we took a giant step away."

DeGeneres wed actress Portia (POR'-shuh) de Rossi in August, following a May Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in California.

She contributed $100,000 to fight the amendment on Tuesday's ballot.

DeGeneres asserts she will "continue to speak out for equality for all of us."

But this idiot remains free to marry at large:

Bonaduce divorce final: Monthly payments $16K
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles judge has signed off on the amicable end to Danny Bonaduce's nearly 18-year marriage. Bonaduce will pay $16,000 a month to his ex-wife, Gretchen, for spousal and child support. The former couple will retain joint custody of their children, who are 14 and 7 years old.

Their marriage was the subject of the reality show, "Breaking Bonaduce," which also chronicled the former child star's bout with addiction. Gretchen Bonaduce filed for divorce in April 2007.
Danny Bonaduce now hosts a radio talk show in Los Angeles, as well as VH1's "I Know My Kid's a Star."

Documents signed by a judge on Thursday indicate Bonaduce isn't giving up on marriage: he's keeping the rights to sell a show called, "The Next Mrs. Bonaduce."

As a certain pointy-eared Vulcan might intone: “Highly illogical.”


Harry Heuser said...

We're Not Married (1952) is ripe for a remake.

Sam said...

He married the last woman as soon as he met her. I can't believe how this one will turn out if he goes on TV with it.

By the way, thanks for the call today.