Thursday, November 20, 2008

“I’m just waiting for Barry Lyndon to stop buffering…”

Here’s an article that I thought was odd:

The 10 movies you shouldn’t watch online
Movies are increasingly creeping online, as video sites like YouTube and Hulu are adding feature films to their extensive libraries.

At the Google-owned YouTube, there is the YouTube Screening Room, which every two weeks, adds four new films — mostly independent works — to the site. Hulu, the joint creation of NBC Universal and News Corp., has hundreds of films available for stream, from "Basic Instinct" to "Wuthering Heights."

Of course, many people download films illegally on BitTorrent sites, but movies are nevertheless becoming more populated — legally — online.

Hulu recently added 1962's "Lawrence of Arabia," which begs the question: Should anyone watch a nearly four-hour-long epic of sweeping grandeur on their laptop? Or, heaven forbid, their cell phone?

Some of the films mentioned are pretty much no brainers: Arabia, Lyndon, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, etc. But it’s nice to see movies like North by Northwest and The Third Man on the list.

As for You Got Mailfeh! Who cares?

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HouseT said...

You've Got Mail, huh? Sounds like someone could only think of nine films to fill tehir list with. Even as a cutesy film, I could think of a few besides that one. But then, I don't particularly like that film to begin with, so...

And it is nice to see someone saying, "Check this out on a big screen." It wouldn't even occur to me to watch something 3-4 hours long on YouTube. YouTube is supposed to be quick flick central by default. Or at least it feels that way.