Saturday, November 8, 2008

The New World Order

As Sam Johnson disclosed in one of the comments sections below, I did have the opportunity to call him yesterday (looking for a phone number of a mutual friend) and, naturally, we talked on the subject of the election. We are both in agreement that the sun shines brighter and the sky is a little bit bluer. And Sam’s little old rattle trap Ford coupe even seems a little bit newer. (By the way, if you recognized this as Carl Smith’s It’s a Lovely, Lovely World, give yourself a self-satisfied pat on the back.)

Sam related to me a phone call he received later that night from a conservative friend in Atlanta, who apparently resurrected former Rep. Dick Armey’s (as well as many other assorted wankers) mantra from 1992, stating that the President-Elect “is not my president.” Sam was rather evasive about the rest of the call, but after an exhaustive Internets search (The Google is magic, baby!) I was able to track down a recording. What follows is a plot so insidious and sinister that I risk my life and the lives of associates here at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear just posting it…but the truth must be told:

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A spokesperson for The Real Sam Johnson Show declined to comment.


Anonymous said...

I long for the nostalgic days when this blog was about movies, OTR and DVD's...and boneheaded security guards.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

As they used to say on the Goon Show: “What a memory you have!”

I got together for a online bull session with a few friends Thursday night and I made precisely the same comment you did, Anonymous one. I do make every attempt to avoid political topics but since it’s practically impossible to avoid the subject on occasion it’s difficult for me to promise that it will be political content-free. Nevertheless, the election is over and I should be getting back to more trivial pursuits. I have one or two politically-tinged posts for today (one of them involves a documentary I watched early this morning) and then Monday I’ll get back to the good stuff.

For those of you—like this Mystery Commenter—who have been put off by this, I deeply apologize. I just need time to get it out of my system.

Sam said...

I know the feeling, Ivan. But this election was so important enough that if you didn't talk about it at all, oyu just seemed not to care about where the country was headed. It needed to be done.

As for "anonymous", I'll need your dashiki size before the end of the day so you can be ready for your public fitting on Wednesday Conservative Convert Day.

HouseT said...

Heck, I just started my blog back up, and I couldn't get out being political for a few weeks. I haven't even laid the groundwork of the actual blog yet!

But like it has been said, it's been virtually impossible to not talk about at least a few political items/issues in the course of things.

But the scary part is that I know somewhere, I know someone out there that thinks at least one of those things in that video is probably set to happen. Freaky.

Andrew Leal said...

I admit, I do really miss the OTR days. One of the very few places on the Internet to mention John Dehner on a regular basis and one of maybe four google results (from the Salon days or whatever) for "Wu Fu" and "Harold Peary."

But such is life. Once I feel like it, I nead to blog about "It's in the Bag" myself, including the "Fred Allen talks sneeringly over the entire movie" cut you graciously supplied me with. I started it, but due to a combination of a cold, lack of sleep, a mouth situation, and internal discontent, I had to quit around the time of Benchley's mouse trap speech; it boggled me as a kid and still seems slightly out of pace (possibly because it's essentially a long low-key monologue), but I can appreciate and understand it more now, having seen some of the Benchley shorts and read his work and so on.