Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scarborough drops the F-bomb...say it ain't so, Joe!

Sanctimonious prick Joe Scarborough lets loose on MSNBC with one of the seven words you can’t say on television in the video below (check out Mike Barnicle’s facial reaction—it’s like a spit take without water):

I’m not posting this as a political thing, but rather as a rebuke to someone who, in this great piece by Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, has repeatedly demanded that the FCC fine others for similar infractions (for example, he fired up the lynch mob over the notorious CBS Janet Jackson/Halftime Super Bowl debacle in 2004). Make of it what you will.

Update: According to this AP article, Mr. Potty-Mouth is now on a seven-second delay “early warning system” (much as was the case with former MSNBCer Don Imus). My favorite bit: “The delay will not be on any other MSNBC programming, according to spokesman Jeremy Gaines. When asked whether it had been ordered up by network brass or requested by Scarborough, Gaines said, ‘It was a mutual decision.’"


Brent McKee said...

As I know you know, I love it when some sanctimonious so and so like this slips and says a word on TV that he thinks other people should be fined (and probably strung up by their naughty bits) for saying on TV. Joe Scarborough now joins the ranks of such people as Dick Cheney and George W. Bush - people who would fine others for "fleeting obscenities" before they actually said them on air.

mike doran said...

This just in... Brent Bozell has officially declared Joe Scarborough a Mainstream Media Liberal (after all, lookwho he works for!). lol