Friday, November 28, 2008

TV-on-DVD news and sales

Odds are you’re probably not reading this right now, but instead are mingling with the throngs of shoppers celebrating the biggest shopping day of the year, colloquially known as “Black Friday.” If by some chance you’re one of those people who refuses to venture out to the stores on the strong-held belief that that way lies madness (take for, I’m going to let you in on a pair of online DVD stores who are offering some nice bargains (or as a former landlady of mine used to say, BAH-GENS).

DVD Pacific is a site where I often find myself purchasing TV-on-DVD releases because they offer great prices, friendly customer service and now free Media Mail shipping. Granted, this store may not be everyone’s choice (I received an e-mail from a curious TDOY reader asking me if I had ordered the complete color season of Wagon Train from Pacific yet…and was it taking as long as his order); I like it because despite the “DVD Pacific” moniker it’s actually based in Florida so it usually doesn’t take long for an order to be mailed to the Peach State. N-E-wayz, they’re having a Black Friday sale from now until Monday, with some pretty nifty deals and markdowns on their TV-DVD box sets…so if you see anything that strikes your fancy, let me remind you that fancy-striking carries stiff penalties if committed in the state of Florida.

VCI Entertainment is also having a 50% off sale (coupon code: PGLJEH) until Monday as well; I’ve participated previously in these blowouts (a doffing of the TDOY chapeau is in order to Laughing Gravy, the resident flashlight-wielder In the Balcony for the heads-up) and have really reaped some nice bargains. Needless to say, I couldn’t pass up the chance to grab Burke’s Law: Season 1, Volume 2 and the 1955 Jacques Tourneur/Joel McCrea oater Stranger on Horseback (this is the restored Kit Parker version, whereas previously the film was available only in a black-and-white version). Serials fans and vintage TV buffs can get goodly-sized discounts from everything to Honey West and the Dick Tracy Republic serials.

Speaking of In the Balcony, one of the Balconeers mentioned that is having a sale on some of the western TV shows released to DVD by Timeless Media Group. These titles—Cimarron City, The Deputy, Laredo (Season 1/Volume 1, Season 1/Volume 2 and Season 2/Volume 1), The Restless Gun, Riverboat, The Tall Man and Tate—are all part of the sale, with each set ringing up at $13.99. Now, I had toyed with the idea of buying the three Laredo sets but when I journeyed over to Amazon this morning I noticed that they’ve marked down the Little Rascals box set to $38.99. (That’s a price I can live with, flawed prints or no.) So I guess Reese Smith and Company will be in a holding pattern for a while.

Finally, has an announcement that 20th Century-Fox will finally unleash the fourth and final season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea with a Season Four, Volume One release scheduled for March 31st of next year. It is with great humidity that I take full credit for this turn of events, because you just know those essobees were waiting for me to unload my Season 1-3 copies on eBay before trumpeting the Season 4 news. I should be bitter about this…but I’m not. I’ll just console myself with the knowledge that I finally have the Little Rascals set.

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