Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday decorations

Back on the first of September, I made mention of the fact that Tom Sutpen, boy blogger, had been singled out for heady praise by Film on Focus’ "Behind the Blog" series and so naturally I was tickled to death to learn that another favorite on the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear blogroll, Self-Styled Siren, is the flavor-of-the-month at Film on Focus as well. Behold, a rare photograph of the grand doyenne of cinema blogging known as Campaspe:

She looks a lot like an unknown dame I got a letter from once. Anyway, she dropped this casual bit o’news into a recent post that concentrated on several noteworthy essays floating about the cinema blogosphere, including this one by Raymond de Felitta (at Movies ‘Til Dawn) entitled Stoogeology: The Real and Fake Shemp Howard. Since I consider Shemp to be the funniest of all of the Stooges, I really enjoyed this ripping-good read and was glad she gave her readers a heads-up on it—particularly when she prefaced the link with this:

The Siren has long since gotten over her childhood love affair with the Three Stooges. Sorry Ivan, I know you love them…

I had a pretty hearty giggle at this, and briefly remarked on it in her comments section. She later apologized for being “snotty” but I certainly didn’t interpret it that way. Shucks, I’ve heard much worse passings of judgment regarding my predilection for the Stooges—most of which come from my own family. So no offense taken—and as my father often says: “Mention me the next time you see him/her…it won’t do you any good, but it will spread my name around.”

While I’m on the subject of the Stooges, you might also want to read this nice bit from Broadcastellan’s own Harry Heuser, Nyuk, Nyuk! Who’s Not There?—about a BBC Radio 4 documentary (“The Three Stooges: Movie Maniacs”) that features the knockabout comedians. (I agree with Harry—the Stooges on radio have about the same effect as a prop gun with that ever-present pop-out flag reading “Bang!”)

Over at Matinee at the Bijou, your usual host, BijouBob has turned over a couple of posts to one of TDOY’s best friends and personal mentor, Cliff Weimer—better known to one and all as “Laughing Gravy” at In the Balcony. Gravy has the same intensity and passion for classic films as I do, and though our tastes often diverge in different directions from time to time I always get satisfaction from reading what he has to say. In Music, Cartoons, Serials—and Oh Yeah, War! L.G. has a series of reviews up for some recently-released DVDs with wartime themes, including Popeye the Sailor: Volume 3 1941-1943 and Warner Bros. and the Homefront. Crushing the Axis is a nice roundup of wartime chapter plays—many of them available for the discriminating palates of serial fans on disc.

Finally, though I mentioned its upcoming release back in August, I have to admit I was bit hesitant to invest in Koch’s Golden Age of Television release Studio One Anthology...but I may have to hunt down a copy as a result of this splendid review by Stephen Bowie over at The Classic TV History Blog. Stephen’s blog, dedicated to vintage television, is one of the very best I’ve read and I think part of the reason for this is that he puts a good deal of time and effort into his essays as opposed to some hack (irony alert: I’m talking about me) who churns this stuff out daily without rhyme or reason. (I was never any good at rhyming, anyway.) Kick the tires and take it out for a test drive and see if you don’t agree.

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