Saturday, December 27, 2008

Webpage of the week

As I continue to hunt online for an old-time radio broadcast of The Man Who Came to Dinner starring Jack Benny for shahn at sixmartinis and the seventh art, I come across this MySpace page that really knocks me for a loop…

Yes, it’s Mary Wickes. The actress who plays the part of the nurse, both on Broadway and in the 1942 film adaptation of Dinner. The same lady who was housekeeper to Sigmund the Sea Monster and Father Dowling (and his mysteries)…and Miss Cathcart on Dennis the Menace.

Now, I looked at this and saw that her age was 98…and yet I could have sworn she had passed on sometime ago (which she did, in 1995). Still, I was spooked there for a sec, picturing a nonagenarian answering e-mails and downloading mp3’s.

But, hey…Norman Corwin is still (thankfully) with us. I guess it doesn’t take that much of a leap of faith.

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shahn said...

I've still got my fingers crossed, Ivan.