Friday, January 30, 2009

A lulu of a Boo-Boo

Since posting about the Saturday Morning Cartoon DVD releases being planned by Warner Home Video this past Sunday,—from which I procured the information—has since put forth a major correction…and believe you me, I’m not treading lightly around that “major” part. Apparently there were a few rampant “something’s-not-quite-kosher” rumors that burst through the TV-on-DVD dam shortly after the announcement, with many individuals noticing slight discrepancies (I, for one, thought it was curious that the 1960s set was featuring the Tom & Jerry cartoon show from the 1970s) in the cartoons listed in both volumes (1960s and 1970s). David Lambert has been kind enough to give us the skinny on what’s really on the two box sets…and so in cold-cereal-and-footy-pajamas solidarity, I pass them along to you:

Saturday Morning Cartoons -1960s Volume 1

Disc 1

1)Top Cat – “The Tycoon”

2)The Atom Ant Show – “Up & Atom” (Atom Ant), “Precious Jewels” (Precious Pupp), “Woodpecked” (Hillbilly Bears)

3)The Peter Potamus Show – “Fe Fi Fo Fun” (Peter Potamus), “All Riot on the Northern Front” (Breezly & Sneezly), “The Volunteers” (Yippie, Yappie & Yahooey)

4)The Secret Squirrel Show – “Sub Swiper” (Secret Squirrel), “Way Out Squiddly” (Squiddly Diddly), “Prince of a Pup” (Winsome Witch)

5)The Flintstones – “The Happy Household”

6)The Porky Pig Show - “Often an Orphan”/”Mice Follies”/”The Super Snooper”

7)The Quick Draw McGraw Show – “Dynamite Fright” (Quick Draw McGraw), “Outer Space Case” (Snooper & Blabber), “Growing Growing Gone” (Augie Doggie)

Disc 2

8)The Jetsons – “Rosey the Robot”

9)Marine Boy – “Battle to Save the World”

10)Space Ghost & Dino Boy - “The Heat Thing” (Ghost), ”The Worm People” (Dino Boy), ”Zorak” (Ghost)

11)The Herculoids – “The Beaked People”/”The Raider Apes”

12)Frankenstein, Jr. and the Impossibles – “The Shocking Electric Monster” (Frankenstein, Jr.), “The Bubbler” (Impossibles), “The Spinner” (Impossibles)

13)The Magilla Gorilla Show – “Gridiron Gorilla” (Magilla Gorilla), “Small Change” (Mushmouse & Punkin’ Puss), “Atchinson, Topeka and San Jose” (Ricochet Rabbit)

14) Bonus Episode: The Quick Draw McGraw Show – “Dough Nutty” (Augie Doggie), “El Kabong” (Quick Draw McGraw), “Gem Jam” (Snooper & Blabber)

Sure, I’m sorry to see Wally Gator off the schedule (but then Wally should never perform as a single—he needs Touché Turtle and Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har-Har for backup) but the addition of the Peter Potamus, Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel shows (as well as Frankenstein, Jr. and the Impossibles…Kliph will be pleased about that) is going to make this a must-purchase when it hits the streets May 19th. (This set will also contain featurettes on Quick Draw, Magilla, and Frankie, Jr and Impossibles.)

Oh, I hear you snickering there in the back…something about there being something seriously wrong with a middle-aged man obsessed with cartoons from the sixties. Hey, I’ve got the cojones not only to admit that I own one of these…

…but one of these as well…

Deal with it. And now, on to the 1970s!

Saturday Morning Cartoons -1970s Volume 1

Disc 1

1)The Jetsons – “The Space Car”

2)The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour – “The Pest”/”Tarzan and the City of Gold

3)Hong Kong Phooey – “Car Thieves”/”Zoo Story”

4)Goober and the Ghost Chasers – “Assignment Ahab Apparition”

5)Speed Buggy – “Speed Buggy Went That-a-Way”

6)Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch – “Double Cross Country”/”The Infiltrator”/”The Stunt Show”

Disc 2

7)Yogi’s Gang – “Greedy Genie”

8)The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan – “Scotland Yard”

9)Roman Holidays – “Double Date”

10) Josie & the Pussycats in Outer Space – “The Nemo’s a No-No Affair”

11) The New Scooby-Doo Movies – “The Ghostly Creep From the Deep”

12) Funky Phantom – “I’ll Haunt You Later”

I noticed the 1970s set has a lot more variety—particularly the additions of Goober (the homeless man’s Scooby-Doo), Speed Buggy, Wheelie and the ever-preachy Yogi’s Gang. (The featurettes will focus on Phantom, Josie and the Chan Clan.)

Many thanks to Monsieur Lambert and the rest of the hard-working crew for correcting this info—it was most appreciated!

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Sam said...

Okay, I'm digging on this set a lot more now. Thed only tyhting that's missing are some Retro Ads like The Mr. Owl Toosie Roll Pop ad (the :60 second version), some old Kellogs ads and then some and it's gold.