Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adios, Captain Parmalee

Back in July 2008, a commenter added this to a post I’d written about my discovery of RTN and its scheduling of the old TV comedy-western Laredo on Saturday afternoons:

Now that you mention it, I do remember Phil Carey in this! I just wish he'd come back to daytime :(

I mentioned Carey in the context of his being one of the stars of Laredo, playing the part of Captain Edward Parmalee in the series for two seasons (1965-67). The commenter, on the other hand, was referring to the actor’s successful stint as Texas bidness tycoon Asa Buchanan on the ABC daytime drama One Life to Live.

Granted, his “soap opera” work probably won him more fans than the Laredo gig, which is remembered only by nostalgia nuts like myself…and Scott C. of World O’Crap fame. Sadly, my CharredHer webpage notes that Philip Carey has gone on to his rich reward, passing away at the age of 83, after a long battle with lung cancer.

Before Buchanan and Parmalee, Carey had a fairly impressive movie career on his resume; his feature film debut allowed him to work alongside John Wayne in the Navy actioner Operation Pacific (1951). Other films that followed included I Was a Communist For the FBI (1951), That Woman is Dangerous (1952), Springfield Rifle (1952), Calamity Jane (1953), Pushover (1954), The Long Gray Line (1955), Mister Roberts (1955), Count Three and Pray (1955) and Dead Ringer (1964).

Carey also made early inroads into television with a regular role as Lieutenant Michael Rhodes in the NBC-TV adventure series Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers (1956-57) and as the titled shamus of ABC’s Philip Marlowe (1959-60). He would make guest appearances on many well-known television dramas: Thriller, The Rifleman, 77 Sunset Strip, Felony Squad, Gunsmoke, Room 222 and many, many more.

Carey’s passing comes only a few weeks after the death of his fellow One Life to Live cast member, Clint Ritchie…who played the role of Clint Buchanan, Asa’s son. (This one managed to get by me, even though I saw it mentioned on Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings.)

So a belated R.I.P. to Mr. Ritchie and a timely one to Mr. Carey. You will both be missed.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I only recognized him when I saw the pic in your post; I didn't know it was him until I saw him with a hat on!


K. L. Struck said...

I always recognized him from that All In the Family episode as Archie's gay friend, but I never realized until now that he was the same Phil Carey that was in Screamin Mimi with Anita Ekberg & Gypsy Rose Lee!

Scott C. said...

For some reason this made me think of a LAREDO episode where the boys are facing a firing squad. Asked if they have any last words, Reese mutters matter-of-factly, "Tell 'em we died with our boots on."

I like to think the Cap'n went down well-shod and shooting.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget his Granny Goose commercials. They were great.