Sunday, February 8, 2009

Having a wild weekend

Well, let’s start off the bat with the announcement that I’m currently whoring some items from the dusty Thrilling Days of Yesteryear archives on eBay, which you’ll find at the eBay link at the right or you can just click here. Some scattered odds and ends: a few TV-on-DVD box sets, classic movies and a few Criterion discs that I’ve either already seen or will probably never get an opportunity to (these are all in their original shrink-wrap, by the way, with the security tape secure and priced to move). Remember, all proceeds go to the worthy charity we’ve come to know and love as…well, me.

A couple of interesting items over at include the announcement that Warner Home Video will release The Jetsons: Season 2, Volume 1 to disc June 2nd. While it is certainly not my intention to impugn the credibility of WHV (heaven forfend!) I think “Season 2, Volume 1” is a bit of a misnomer; these episodes (twenty-one in the Volume 1 set) were part of an attempt to pad out the 24 episodes from the original 1962-63 season (on primetime ABC) to create a sixty-five episode package for syndication. The difference between the original twenty-four and the forty-one new episodes is as noticeable as night and day…though they at least hired the original vocal talent (George O’Hanlon, Penny Singleton, Janet Waldo, Daws Butler, Mel Blanc, Jean Vander Pyl and Don Messick), which is a small plus. Speaking for myself, I loathe the follow-up episodes so much that I’ve simply chosen to live in denial and pretend they don’t exist. It will retail for $34.98 SRP, and contain a featurette that includes an interview with news from me’s Mark Evanier.

Better news arrives in the form of a “teaser” announcement that Universal has a DVD release of Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Four in the works, as noticed on an ad that was included with the studio’s recently released Columbo Mystery Movie Collection: 1990. No particulars on the set are available as of this posting, but if past performance of Seasons 1-3 is any indication, it will probably be released in October in time for the Halloween crowd. (You know, that time of year when the Retropolitan sees his shadow.) Season 4 of AHP includes the classic episodes “Banquo’s Chair” (directed by the Master of Suspense hissownself, and frequently performed on radio’s Suspense) and “Poison” (which I like, but I think the radio version—broadcast on Suspense’s sibling series, Escape—is far superior).
Finally, I’ll take a few seconds to air out a grievance I have towards CharredHer’s On Demand Service. Since I came in around the half-point of Casablanca (1942) on TCM last night (I was busy putting up my stuff on eBay), I decided I’d watch Chinatown (1974) on TCM On Demand instead. It never made into the movie; the service kept freezing up on Ben Mankiewicz’s ugly mug and so I went ahead and switched back over to Bogie and Bergman, and then watched Bogie and Company in the desert during WW2 in Sahara (1943). This freezing-up deal on On Demand is getting monotonous; I never did get to finish This Revolution (2005).

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Thad said...

I'm not a fan of The Jetsons, but that smegma made the original '60s show look like a masterpiece.