Friday, March 27, 2009


The UPS guy came by the front door to Rancho Yesteryear this afternoon with the order I placed through the Warner Archive Sunday, so if I get an opportunity later on this evening I will try to put at least one of them on (still trying to decide between The Rain People and The Beast of the City). If the quality of these discs comes anywhere close to their spiffy packaging, I’d say Warner has a winner on its hands.

Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings reports reading an article that TV shows will soon be made available through the Archive—among them Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip and Hawaiian Eye. If the price is reasonable on the Maverick episodes I might take a flutter but I bought a fairly serviceable “rootpeg” set sometime ago, which means I’ll have to get one heck of a deal on an Archive collection. Honest to my grandma, though, I’m having difficulty swallowing the notion that Warner Bros. would have difficulty selling season-by-season sets of this classic comedy-western; its cult status and the presence of James Garner would seem to me a ready winner. Maybe they’re concerned about the sales dropping off after season three, when Garner left the show—but then you have the Roger Moore installments…which I’m sure would pique the curiosity of James Bond fans. (Maverick was the only TV show my television-hating father ever watched back in the 1950s.)

I also got the Room 222: Season One set via USPS yesterday, and am happy to report that I paid the pre-order price of $10.99 (plus s&h). So far, this is the bargain of the year. (I danced a jig on the way back from the mailbox.)

By the way, I appreciate the e-mails being sent to me pointing me to various articles on the new Three Stooges movie in the planning stages…but enough is enough. I’ve sort of kept my white-hot-sun anger about this travesty in check for fear of pegging the Cuss-o-Meter…but let me just say as quietly as I can…what the !@#$& is Sean Penn thinking? “Hmm…I’ve just won a second Oscar and have nowhere else to go…let me live out my dream of playing Larry Fine.” Kee-rist, if he’s gonna prostitute himself, why not sign off on Fast Times at Ridgemont High II?

Kudos to Elisson for hitting the big time; a post of his managed to get referenced and noticed on the World News page of The New York Times online. Unfortunately, I’m unable to progress any further than The Chicago Sun-Times, but some of us are just able to achieve greatness rather than be born to it, I suppose.

I also wanted to send a big thank-you to author Ed Gorman, who was most generous in referencing my recent post on Shemp Howard on his new and improved blog…which is most certainly not contaminated with a puny readership. Unfortunately, Ed had about the same success as I did in preaching the Gospel of Shemp…but years from now, the blogosphere will recognize that we were just ahead of our time.

My CharredHer homepage offered up this interesting article on the “rediscovery” of silent movie great Douglas Fairbanks, who’s the subject of a new exhibit at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Wilshire Boulevard headquarters. Entitled “Douglas Fairbanks: The First King of Hollywood,” it’s up and running and will continue on until April 19th.

Finally, my online chum Pam and I got together for a brief chat last night, the topic of which generated around soft drinks and soda pop. So I thought I’d point you to an interesting link on Gunaxin entitled “A Tribute to Fallen Sodas.” Guaranteed to make you thirsty.


Laura said...

I was always especially partial to Jack Kelly on MAVERICK...go figure. :) Kind of funny how he's almost a forgotten name compared to the other two actors on the show...although he was known locally as he was on the city council and then the mayor of a neighboring city in the '80s!

Back around the era ROOM 222 was on TV, Michael Constantine lived in our immediate area and was occasionally seen in local stores and restaurants. I suspect he must have moved away a long time ago.

Best wishes,

Hal said...

Warners would have no problem selling the first 4 seasons of MAVERICK; in Season 4 they do have the last Garner episode ("The Maverick Line") which is a Bret-Bart teamup, and of course the Roger Moore episodes.

I thought Jack Kelly did a fine job myself; the best episodes by far featured both Bret and Bart, such as "Shady Deal at Sunny Acres" and "Maverick and Juliet".

Matthew K. said...

As is the case whenever I drop by to take a look see, I enjoyed the huge variety of retro news. I'm a little perplexed by your reaction to the Stooges movie news. From the little I know of their back story, I always thought it would make a great film. Now, if Larry the Cable Guy wanted to play Curly, I might have second thoughts.