Tuesday, March 10, 2009

“That’s one down and nine to go…Miss Kilgallen?”

As I continue to look for ways to avoid the Ronald Reagan Blogathon project (yesterday was a day set aside for taping the first nine movies in MGM’s Dr. Kildare series—which I hope to post something about soon), TVShowsOnDVD.com has two announcements on two classic television shows coming soon on DVD…

The first is Cannon: Season 2, Volume 1, and while it’s good to hear that CBS-DVD is continuing on with releasing the hit 1971-76 crime drama starring William Conrad to disc, I must reluctantly confess I took a pass on collecting this one. I had a brief opportunity to see a few of the reruns when the series was playing on RTN last summer and while I bow to no one in my admiration for the real Matt Dillon, the show simply didn’t play as well as I remembered. Had CBS not administered the split-season treatment to this series (something they avoided with Mannix, which pretty much cranked out the same number of episodes per season as the Conrad show) I might have been a little more receptive; but I can’t justify spending what they’re asking for a show that’s “aggressively average” (thanks, Nick). The release date for Season 2, Volume 1 is June 2nd (just shy a month from the sophomore season of Conrad’s other TV hit, Jake and the Fatman) and since the show’s second season cranked out 24 episodes, it’s a reasonable guess that that Volume 1 will feature twelve of them.

While the treatment of Cannon may be one of the most egregious crimes perpetuated on classic television fans, the one that really sticks in my craw is what’s being done to Perry Mason, the fourth season of which is scheduled for release a week after (June 9). Season four produced a total of twenty-eight episodes, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to dope out that Season 4, Volume 1 will contain half of those…and two of those episodes have already been released on the 50th Anniversary set (“The Case of the Treacherous Toupee” and “The Case of the Envious Editor”), so what it all boils down to is you’re going to pay thirty to thirty-five clams for something that’ll net you a dozen episodes, tops. (At least with Cannon, you’re only spending twenty-five to twenty-seven simolians for the same number of shows.) Now, you might be saying right now: “Ivan…you just don’t understand how the DVD bidness works.” And perhaps I don’t. But with times being what they are, would it be possible if these companies could tighten their belts a little and make the sets a bit more affordable for fans?

(Chirping crickets)

Well, at least I gave it a try.

One more item before I venture out to Kitchen del Ivan and rustle up some grub; TVShowsOnDVD.com also reports that with the untimely demise of BCI-Eclipse, the proposed release of their What’s My Line? – The Best of, Volume 1 collection has been apparently scrapped. TVShows has promised to pass along any news of its revival should the set be put back in the hopper.

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Hal said...

I wish CANNON would get the full season treatment, but mostly I'm just hoping that the run will continue. The show actually improved quite a bit on the first season in Seasons 2 and 3 IMO. It took a little while to establish Cannon's quirks and settle into a storytelling groove. There are some fantastic episodes in those seasons, including "Perfect Alibi", "The Rip Off", "Hounds of Hell", "The Predators" and one of my favorite unintentionally funny CANNON's, "Photo Finish" with the quintessential 1970's TV villain, Jack Cassidy. IMO CANNON's returns started diminishing in Season 4, but I'll certainly be completing the first 3 seasons myself.