Thursday, April 30, 2009

Was that an artery I just heard slamming shut?

I was miraculously up at the crack of ice this morning (as my friend Maureen is wont to say) and found this post over at Blog d’Elisson entitled “Gastronomic Grotesquerie.” In it, Steve delineates the difference between calorie-crammed foods that deliver on their promise to be decadently tasty…and those which are just clearly created to generate a “WTF?” response.

No sooner do I leave Steve’s domain when I run across this photo, courtesy of DMOTIV8:

I don’t know which category this falls under…but I do know that the late Sam Johnson would have given his stamp of approval.


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Speaking of Sam, you'll be happy to know there are plans to have Sam's blog published. His niece is compiling them as we speak, though she certainly has a long road ahead of her. As you well know, Sam was a prolific blogger and was online for five years. Still, the niece has taken on the task and I am thankful. I'll let you know what I find out about the progress as it goes along.