Friday, May 22, 2009

A bulletin from the WJM newsroom… is announcing that has a pre-order announcement up for The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Fifth Season…even though there’s been no official news on this from Fox Home Video (who originally had planned to release all seven seasons in a big honkin’ box set) and in fact, the scuttlebutt has it that the people who painstakingly took the time to buy Seasons 1-4 in the individual sets let the company know they were none too pleased about this decision. As of this post, the price at Amazon is $20.99 so you might want to pre-order it and lock in a nifty discount before some weasel decides to up the ante, if you know what I mean…and I think you do.

Elsewhere, the website reports that the release date for Route 66: Season 3, Volume 1 has been pushed back yet again to July 21st. I’m beginning to see why the company scheduled to release Route 66 is called Infinity, because that’s apparently how long it’s going to take to get this into the hands of fans. However, there is good news on the horizon: MPI has finally nailed down the release date of Here’s Lucy: Season 1 to August 25th (the box art to the left isn’t necessarily locked in but I think it’s kind of colorful) and will contain, of course, the first twenty-four episodes from the series’ freshman season. (To be honest, I’m not sure it’s wise to have two Lucille Ball collections—the other being The Lucy Show: Season 1 from CBS DVD-Paramount—out at the same time, but then again I’m not in the TV-on-DVD business.) The SRP for Lucy is $29.98 but is offering it for $20.99 and DVD Empire for $23.20 so if you’re interested, get those pre-orders in pronto.

Since Bob “Master of His (Public) Domain” Huggins brought up the issue of an uncertain future for further Ironside releases, it seems only sensible to direct you to a poll currently being showcased at the Shout! Factory website. They have a list of TV shows (all of which have seen a release of one season or another) for you to vote on to decide who’s going on to the Showcase Showdown and who’s going to have to settle for a home version of the game. The nominees are Adam-12, Blossom, Father Knows Best, Ironside, Mr. Belvedere, My Two Dads, The Paper Chase, Peyton Place, Rhoda, Room 222 and Spin City. (I have to tell you—why for the love of Mike would you just settle for two Peyton Place releases in the first place?) If you have a dog in this fight—or maybe even if you don’t—why not go on over and cast a vote (sorry, only one to a customer)? I don’t think you need to worry about Adam-12 (apparently there’s already an agreement worked out for further releases) but I’d personally hate to see such outstanding series as Peyton, FKB or Room 222 lose out to Mr. Belvedere, ferchrissake.

In conclusion, from now until May 26th (11:59pm CDT) VCI Entertainment is running a Memorial Day sale, allowing you to take 40% off your order by entering “REMEMBER” as the coupon code. This is a pretty sweet deal—though I can’t stress strongly enough that we should also keep in mind why Memorial Day is so important to us. (And the wisenheimer who just shouted “Three day weekend” is going to spend time after class cleaning the blackboards.)

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