Tuesday, June 9, 2009

“…that’s the highway that’s the best…”

A couple of TV-on-DVD tidbits that I thought might be of interest to the loyal and faithful, courtesy of the go-to website for all classic television available—or soon to be made available—on disc, TVShowsOnDVD.com:

First off the bat, a report (and I cannot stress enough that is not an official announcement, but mere conjecture) that the seventh season of Hawaii Five-O will make an appearance on October 20, 2009. It sometimes seems as if CBS DVD-Paramount feels they can’t churn them out fast enough; the sixth season was released only a few weeks ago (and I’m way behind on the repeats; I don’t think I’ve even opened up the second season yet). Also, a look at the box art for Bewitched: The Complete Eighth & Final Season—for those who are curious (I have to say, I like the way the Bewitched seasons are packaged—always colorful).

As mentioned previously, Infinity Entertainment has plans to release the third season of the cult television classic Route 66 on July 21st (Volume 1) and August 25th (Volume 2) in those split-season sets that my blogging compadre Rick Brooks and I just can’t seem to get enough of. But for those who are patient—and I’ll be willing to lump myself into that group—Infinity will also release both volumes in one set later this year (tentative date: November 10th). This item showed up in a recent catalog of Critics’ Choice Video (a subsidiary of Infinity) with a SRP of $49.95 so there’s always a possibility of finding it a bit cheaper online. By the way—who was the individual who passed on this nugget of TV-on-DVD gold to David Lambert? Why, none other than Bob “Master of His (Public) Domain” Huggins, a longtime pal and reader of TDOY.

But the big news so far this week is Timeless Media Group’s announcement of Laramie: The Final Season, which will present the last thirty-two episodes of Season Four (in beautiful NBC peacock color) of the popular TV western starring Robert Fuller, John Smith, Spring Byington and Dennis Holmes. The street date for the set is September 15th, and with its release I’m bursting with curiosity to see whether or not Timeless will make good on its word and release the first two seasons of the series, which were filmed in that icky ol’ black-and-white, he said in a completely facetious fashion. Star Robert Fuller was one of several celebrities to make an appearance at the recent Memphis Film Festival —an event that I would have been only too happy to attend were it not for the ticklish situation of being flat busted; you kind of have to admire the man and his lengthy TV career, which also included playing the part of Cooper Smith on Wagon Train (a show he joined after Laramie, replacing Robert Horton) and Dr. Kelly Brackett on Emergency!, currently in heavy rotation on weekend afternoons at 2pm on RTN’s Atlanta affiliate, WSB-DT.

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Broadmoor said...

I usually make the 600-mile drive (from Texas) over to the Memphis Film Festival, but I only attend the initial day. It was a fun affair, as usual. I was particularly glad to finally pick up a copy of that big Timeless "Wagon Train" set. What made it more memorable was being able to purchase my copy from Denny Miller himself. Both he and Fuller had a little stack of them on their tables. -Bert