Friday, July 31, 2009

"Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in..."

I’m now starting to understand why the people who conceived Facebook don’t issue any warning labels—something like “ATTENTION: This application has been known to cause the user to fritter away oodles and oodles of their copious free time!”—when you sign up at the site. I think the late Sam Johnson should have warned me about this; after all, I accepted his invitation to “the Book” shortly after his passing, just to see what the fuss was all about. And now I’m hooked—hopelessly hooked—on the damn thing. It’s like heroin for guys like me who don’t have normal jobs. Even the people with normal jobs are affected—I present this as Exhibit A. Here was once a healthy, thriving web log containing interesting ideas and refreshing content…and now look at it. The fields have gone fallow, and the web log barn/farmhouse is sorely in need of a lick of paint.

I suppose after careful consideration, I really have no one to blame but myself—most of the time I spend on Facebook is devoted to my thriving FarmTown empire…and even that’s getting pretty old. Mafia Wars, Restaurant City—they’re fun for a while, and then you quickly need to move on to something else. So I make before you today a solemn vow. Facebook will still be the mistress I’m seeing on the side…but I’m going to limit her time with me to evenings only. (Yes, I know this won’t last long—but it’s something the sponsors are making me say.) I will go to Facebook only in the case of a dire emergency (important message in my e-mailbox, as it were) and I’m going to try and cut down every little smile, hug and what-have-you that comes across my way. (Notice that I was smart enough not to mention any refusal of alcoholic beverages—those are always welcome.)

First of all, I want to thank everyone for a successful return eBay go-round, which netted me enough cash to pay for a luxury or two—including the birthday gifts I purchased for my niece Rachel (who turned eight years old on July 29th). One of them was a DVD of Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009) but the other I will not mention because I’m was more than a little embarrassed to see it show up on her wish list (her mother swears she asked for it, but I remain highly skeptical). (I’ll give you a hint—it’s a gazillion-selling CD release by a famous celebrity weirdo who cashed in his chips recently.) As for myself, I have been taking advantage of’s 25% off sale—and the sweetest deal to be had so far is that they have the new VCI box set Becoming Charley Chase priced at $21.76…but with the discount, it’s yours at $16.32. (A better buy simply cannot be found…and I am unanimous in that.)

Second, a big thank you goes out to my pal Rodney Bowcock (former proprietor of Rodney Bowcock’s Comics and Stories) who in the course of returning some DVDs I lent him larded up the return box with mounds and mounds of goodies. There were vintage television shows (including My Little Margie and Official Detective, a TV version of the long-running radio series) and series films (the 1943 programmer Crime Doctor) but the biggest catch of all were a pair of Charles Starrett-Durango Kid oaters and a dozen B-westerns with Republic’s The Three Mesquiteers. These will be perfect for gawking at on a rainy weekend afternoon, and I thank him gigantically for sending all of them along.

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up where I left off in that thrill-packed Universal serial saga, Jungle Queen (1945)—and I also hope to have a few other things posted in the meantime…including a new Premier Collections release from the First Generation Radio Archives in which I just happened to have a hand…


M.Bug said...

Yeah, Facebook is like that for some. I joined it on request of a relative with the notion we could keep in contact better. He doesn't use it much, not do I. Others that I know do, though. However, I think that darn Twitter thing is out of hand. One blogger I used to read has stopped blogging and only puts blurbs suggesting they are sorry not to blog more, but they are "having fun" on Twitter. Unfortunately, this person is an actual writer, with many published books. Causes me to wonder where their brain has gone.

Matthew K. said...

hey ivan- don't get too down on fb. it can be a time waster, but overall i think the good outweighs the bad.

also- think about this. here you have a group of braniacs who design, create, and constantly improve of one the greatest communication tools in history, AND THEY GIVE AWAY TO PUBLIC FOR FREE.
the way i see it, it's almost a sin NOT to use it.

faustina said...

I truly do use FaceBook to keep in touch with my farflung family and friends as well as the local, busy-all-the-time ones. I execute what I refer to as "touch and go" moves (typically used by military pilots logging flight hours). I touch down on their facebook field, leave proof that I was thinking of them, then flit back into webspace to another friendly field. And, while on my missions, I get to see what they're up to as well. Sam was the one who shoved me toward facebook, too, saying "what else can you do at 2am to let folks know you were thinkin' 'bout 'em? And they get to see your smiling face, too!"

Dirty Butter said...

I just put up a Facebook page today, with Notes that link to our Lost Toys Search Service blog. I'm really confused as to what someone else sees when they click on my link. I'm not even sure I put the right link in the sidebar on our Plush Memories blog. I feel like a dunce.