Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy birthday today to…

“The Ever Popular” Mae Busch (1891, pictured, accomplished comedic actress, frequent wife to Oliver Norvell Hardy in films like Sons of the Desert and The Bohemian Girl)
Francis “Dink” Trout (1898, veteran old-time radio actor [Waldo Binney on The Life of Riley, Mr. Anderson on A Day in the Life of Dennis Day]; voiced the King of Hearts in the Disney film Alice in Wonderland)
Tom Breneman (1901, old-time radio daytime host of Breakfast in Hollywood)
Keye Luke (1904, consummate character actor remembered as Charlie Chan’s No. 1 son Lee and the blind Master Po on Kung Fu)
Kay Kyser (1905, big band leader and host of radio’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge)
Clayton “Bud” Collyer (1908, radio actor [The Adventures of Superman] and television game show host [Beat the Clock, To Tell the Truth])
E.G. Marshall (1914, television icon [The Defenders, The Bold Ones, Chicago Home] and host of The CBS Radio Mystery Theater}
Richard Boone (1917, television icon [Medic, Have Gun—Will Travel, Hec Ramsey] and badass silver screen Westerns villain [The Tall T, Hombre, The Shootist])
Ian Carmichael (1920, television’s Lord Peter Wimsey and film actor [I’m All Right, Jack, School for Scoundrels])
Robert Ellenstein (1923, 87, character great best remembered as one of the bad guys in North by Northwest)
Robert Arthur (1925, character great best remembered as Kirk Douglas’s shutterbug protégé in Ace in the Hole)
Paul Eddington (1927, television icon who starred in the Britcoms The Good Life and Yes Minister/Yes, Prime Minister)
John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (1937, 73. junior U.S. Senator from the Mountain State)
Paul McCartney (1942, 68, “cute” Beatle and author of silly love songs)
Roger Ebert (1942, 68, Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic and one-time Sneak Previews host)
Barry Evans (1943, television icon who starred in the Britcoms Doctor in the House and Mind Your Language)
Sandy Posey (1944, 66, female pop/country singer [Born a Woman, Bring Him Safely Home to Me])
Linda Thorson (1947, 63, smokin’ hot television actress who appeared on The Avengers and Emmerdale Farm)
Isabella Rossellini (1952, 58, smokin’ hot actress who appeared in films like Blue Velvet, Death Becomes Her, Fearless and Big Night—her twin sister Isotta is also celebrating a birthday)
Carol Kane (1952, 58, accomplished film [Hester Street, When a Stranger Calls, The Princess Bride] and television [Taxi, All is Forgiven, Pearl] actress)
Miriam Flynn (1952, 58, outstanding comedic actress in films [Mr. Mom, National Lampoon’s Vacation] and television [Maggie, Grounded for Life])
Alison Moyet (1961, 49, female pop singer [Invisible])

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KC said...

Thanks for remembering Robert Arthur! I interviewed him a few years before he passed and he was such a nice guy. He was much more talented than casting directors gave him credit for. Unfortunately, that baby face didn't do much for his career when he got older. In addition to Ace in the Hole, I loved him in "Just for You" and "September Affair".

VP81955 said...

Had no idea McCartney and Ebert shared a birthday. Perhaps I should go check Roger's Website and dig out my "Band On The Run" CD. "I can't tell you how I feel/My heart is like a wheel/Let me roll it/Let me roll it to ya..."