Thursday, July 8, 2010

What’ll you have, what’ll you have?

I posted this photo as my new Facebook picture but I also decided to put it up on the blog for non-Facebook folks. This is me (the one with the dorky paper hat) and my soon-to-be nine-year-old niece Rachel, having a nosh at Athens’ world-renowned The Varsity. The Varsity is an offshoot of the even more famous eatery in Atlanta, next door to those ramblin’ wrecks from Georgia Tech.

The story behind our pilgrimage to this celebrated hot-dog-and-hamburger palace was that we had originally promised to take Rach to Burger King when she, my sister and her husband came down this past weekend for a Fourth of July visit. Shortly after this, I proposed to Mom that we introduce her granddaughter to the niceties of the Varsity in lieu of the King because…well, there are Burger Kings everywhere. Rachel didn’t want to go at first—and I’m one of those people who believes that if you make a promise to a kid you need to follow through unless dire circumstances dictate otherwise—but somehow her parents convinced her that she’d have a good time at The Varsity. I think it was her father’s constant refrain of “Naked dog naked dog”—which is how the Varsity staff describe a hot dog sans the accoutrements of catsup, mustard, relish, chili, slaw, etc. (She refused to wear the hat in this photo because, as she later told me, she had a bad experience with a similar bit of paper apparel at a Long John Silver’s some time back. So because I’m never shy about playing the part of “the fool” I stuck it on my cranium for the digital camera snap.)

Elisson commented on Facebook that he thought I was wearing a colander at first…but I would never be so cocky as to think I could outdo his signature modeling of fine kitchenware. In the final analysis, we had a great visit—the only downer being, of course, that it wasn’t nearly long enough. In fact, Rachel was upset about having to go home—and who wouldn’t be? The Varsity is one of the greatest places on Earth!

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Bill Crider said...

The hat is classic.

Jeff Overturf said...

I wish I had a naked dog.

Good for you for being a good influence on your neice and teaching her the charms of the local small eatery with character over the large pre-fab chain.

Stacia said...

You look about 10 years younger in this picture, Ivan. It's not just the hat.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Thanks, Stacia. :-)

Elisson said...

Of course, if you really want to look younger, hang out with old, crappy-looking people. You'll get lots of compliments on account of your being the best-looking thing in sight. Works for me, anyway.

[Note: SWMBO does not count as being one of the old, crappy-looking people. I've included this disclaimer just in case she should ever follow my Bloggy-Tracks and see this comment... it might save me an ass-kicking.]