Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tramp, tramp, tramp

This Guy Over Here has an announcement up at the LAMB touting a September blogathon that is spotlighting the works of comedic geniuses Charlie Chaplin and Jacques Tati in accordance with a retrospective being hosted by The Cinefamily at Los Angeles’ renowned Silent Movie Theater. I’d sure as heck like to participate in this august event but my inbox is jammed packed with projects and previous commitments. This does not, however, mean that others couldn’t use their way with words and jump right into the high Chaplin seas with an essay or two…I just wanted to get something up here so those interested parties could check it out.

I will take this brief moment to hold forth with a Chaplin-related anecdote: during my convalescence, sister Kat brought my nephew over for a visit and the little rugrat (who hadn’t yet reached his first natal anniversary) crawled over to one of my DVD-crammed shelves with the intention of scattering the contents willy and nilly. The very first item he reached for was the Chaplin box set containing The Gold Rush (1925), Modern Times (1936), The Great Dictator (1940) and Limelight (1952). Had I been able to snap a photo of it, it would have gone up on the blog faster than you can say “Edna Purviance”…but as I bellowed in mock frustration at the time: “Doesn’t anyone have a camera on their cellphone?” (My mom admitted that she does, but doesn’t know how to work it.) I was nevertheless proud of the youngster for having such good taste…though in all honesty just about anything he would have reached for would have gladdened the heart of any classic movie fan. has announced that CBS DVD-Paramount will be releasing Perry Mason: Season 5, Volume 2 on November 16th. The set will contain the remaining fifteen episodes from the middle season and have a SRP of “a leg”—owing to the fact that Volume 1, with an equally scanty fifteen installments, cost approximately “an arm.” (Thank you…I’m here all week. Try the veal!) TSOD also reports that there’s a blurb on the collectible booklet for the Ellery Queen: The Complete Series box set that announces the coming attraction of It Takes a Thief to DVD for release February 2011…something that had been hinted about here and TSOD in October of last year than a release would be in the works soon.

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