Saturday, September 4, 2010

TV-on-DVD roundup

In February 2007, Universal Home Video released the first season of the popular 1971-73 cult comedy-western Alias Smith and Jones to DVD…but fans of the series had to wait until June of 2010 for the second and truncated third seasons to receive disc treatment, which was expertly handled by the go-to people for classic boob tube oaters on DVD, Timeless Media Video. has announced that Timeless will release the entire kit and kaboodle—all fifty episodes—in a brand-spanking new set that will contain all fifty episodes. The set contains ten discs at a SRP cost of $79.98, and its street date is October 19th. So if you want to collect it all, now’s your opportunity…though to be honest, I would think the show’s die-hard fans would already own the previous releases by now.

The other important TV-on-DVD announcement concerns another classic oater (albeit from about a decade earlier) in The Deputy, the 1959-61 western drama co-created by 70s sitcom wunderkind Norman Lear and starring Allen Case and Chuckie Award-winning blogger Stacia Jones’ bête noire, Henry Fonda. Timeless release an earlier collection of a dozen Deputy episodes in a 3-disc set released back in October 2008 entitled The Best of The Deputy—I did a write-up on the show here, and found it to be a serviceable if not remarkable half-hour saga that I’m sure Fonda fans would probably warm to. The latest collection, scheduled for October 26th, will contain the show’s entire run (all 76 episodes) on twelve discs at a SRP of $89.98 and I’d certainly make an investment toward purchasing this series if I had some sort of reassurance Timeless has access to better prints this time around. Here’s a screen cap of one episode from the Best of collection to give you an idea of the quality, a gripping little mellerdrammer entitled “The Last Gunfighter” (04/30/60)—they tell me this guy went on to bigger and better things…

I bought several “root peg” discs of Deputy from a person off many years ago and while they certainly weren’t in pristine condition they were perfectly watchable; overall, the quality of the series ranks a little below Lawman and a little above The Texan, another classic Western which has also been released to DVD by Timeless. Once again, however, another jewel from the vaults of classic television is preserved on DVD for future generations of coach potatoes, and I say to Timeless: kudos and victory laps to you, good people.

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