Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fantastic "Voyage" and other TV-on-DVD news

This morning, I get an e-mail from the people at Shout! Factory letting me know that my recent order is on the way—I finally bit into a honkin’ big financial bullet and purchased two of their Shout! Select releases: Room 222: Season Two and Father Knows Best: Season Five. I’m a little embarrassed to admit what I paid for these two sets (you can certainly skate on over to the site and see for yourself but please…no tongue-clicking) and I’d like to state for the record that this whole Select program is just bad juju. In the interest of full disclosure, the only one of the sets I really had to have was 222 but I bought FKB since I had already obtained the first four seasons (and at far more reasonable prices) so it seemed a shame to stop with only two (now one) more seasons to go.

As such, I was a little disappernted to learn yesterday that the Factory’s release of Mister Ed: The Complete Fourth Season—which, according to, is due out in November—will also be under the Select program. I guess this means that the previous three seasons didn’t sell as well as the Factory had hoped—though you can’t say I didn’t do my part (and I might point out, did so at the risk of being mocked by my sister Debbie, who laughed out loud when she saw the sets sitting on my coffee table). (It’s a good thing The Patty Duke Show only ran for three seasons, otherwise Patty and Cathy would be prostituting themselves in the same Select fashion as our favorite television equine.)

In other TSOD news, Fox Home Entertainment is announcing that they’re letting the final shoe drop with the release of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Season Four, Volume 2 on December 21st, allowing fans of the show to finally complete their collection of the iconic science-fiction series that has come to be known as a prime example of “television Velveeta.” The first release of Voyage to DVD was back in February 2006, which means it took Fox just a smidge longer than the show’s actual broadcast run to get the entire series on disc—still, any time a studio manages to complete something like this is cause for celebration. Perhaps you could take a look and see if there are any other shows (*cough* The Big Valley *cough*) that could benefit from this sort of diligence, Fox.

Meanwhile, CBS DVD-Paramount keeps chugging along with a pair of announcements for the release of two classic TV shows’ fourth season releases: The Lucy Show, which hasn’t even seen its third season hit the streets yet (but will this November 30th), is scheduled for a March 15, 2011 release, and Mannix, which has been penciled in for January 4th of next year. (This information, it should be pointed out, isn’t necessarily set in stone.)

To me, the great TV-on-DVD announcement this week is that the classic sitcom I’m Dickens…He’s Fenster is finally on track for release next year—and while the company with the rights to the show, TV Time Machine Productions, is going to commit the cardinal DVD sin of releasing the series in split season form (Volumes 1 and 2) they will be releasing all thirty-two episodes on disc. (They had previously toyed with the idea of a “Best of” DVD, something to which the show’s fans apparently objected strenuously.) The particulars on these releases can be found at TSOD and will apparently feature a lot of bells and whistles…which is copacetic with me, though I’d be perfectly happy with just some nice copies of the shows.

There’s going to be a slew of TV-related DVD product invading Rancho Yesteryear soon—I found myself flush with a little cash and went hog wild in grabbing up some discs that I had been wanting for sometime. I found a great bargain over at Hamilton Books—the box set collection of Homicide: Life on the Street that contains all 122 episodes of the series plus the 2000 “reunion” TV-movie and the three Law & Order crossover episodes, which the previous single season collections did not have. Thirty-five discs for $59.95…an incredible deal, to say the least.

I also noticed while ordering the eighth and ninth series of the Britcom ‘Allo ‘Allo! at that two of R-K-O’s Falcon films (The Falcon Takes Over and The Falcon’s Brother) and The Saint's Double Trouble are being released on Region 2 by a company called Odeon Entertainment Ltd.—the release date for these movies is next Monday (October 11th), so if you’re interesting in starting up a collection I thought I’d pass that along.

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quizshowbob said...

I love Room 222. I haven't seen it in forever.
I keep thinking I'm going to croak before I complete my 'Perry Mason' or 'Leave it to Beaver' collection.

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

I keep thinking I'm going to croak before I complete my 'Perry Mason' or 'Leave it to Beaver' collection.

My sister Debbie sent me a Target gift card as a birthday present, which I used to pre-order the first volume of Gunsmoke's fourth season...and while I was thanking her for this on the phone, she joked that it was going to be a while before I had all the shows on disc. I told her her daughter would probably end up watching the ones I collected at the rate they're going...

Andrew Leal said...

My mother and I finished the first season "Room 222" (I noticed how the early episodes awkwardly used a laugh track for "funny" scenes but cut it for the heavier stuff, even if a slight joke crept in there; dropping it entirely worked better for the format, which was basically light drama with occasionally wholly or mostly comedic episodes). Seymore Kaufman is my new hero.

I hope to blog about the series (we're maybe a quarter through season two; we bypassed the one with Don "I haven't fought Bruce Lee Yet" Johnson as himself but will probably go back to it), once I actually get back to blogging period, *some* day (first depression, then just too darn busy). But I have that *and* a friend sent me Ellery Queen DVDs (plus some vintage comic book stuff and thoughts on the strip "King Aroo" and odds and ends) so maybe once things quiet down (in theory!)