Friday, October 1, 2010

Missed it by THAT much’s Daily Deep Deal is Thriller: The Complete Series—the Image Entertainment box set with all sixty-seven episodes of the iconic 1960-62 mystery-horror anthology hosted by TDOY god Boris Karloff and currently being chronicled in day-by-day detail at the weblog A Thriller a Day. The asking price is $74.95—which is the lowest online price I’ve seen since its release in August.

As prima facie proof that irony can be awfully ironic sometimes, I have the funds needed to buy this…only I haven’t been able to get the check to the bank. If I hadn’t already bought the episodes from a reputable bootlegger I’d be pretty bummed about missing out. I just thought maybe someone else with the wherewithal can capitalize on this one-day only deal.

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Rick29 said...

Ivan, you are my hero! I had been waiting for DeepDiscount's annual fall sale to purchase THRILLER...but, thanks to you, I just got it for 50% off. It was an awesome series and I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

mndean said...

Since I tread mainly through precode films to get my entertainment, I have to say I love the phrase "reputable bootlegger".