Tuesday, October 19, 2010

“Oh, George…we’ve got company!”

Apologies are in order for the blog inactivity during the past two days, but I’ve been an industrious little beaver what with a couple of previous writing commitments and some activities involving America’s wackiest parents (you know who they are). One of these commitments concerned the 60th anniversary of the television debut of George Burns and Gracie Allen, which took place October 19, 1950 and carried on for eight seasons over CBS—you can read a little about this at Edward Copeland on Film.

Movies Unlimited’s Movie FanFare ran a previous little piece I wrote for the blog to commemorate Dennis Weaver’s 86th birthday back in June. (The MU rep wanted to run it because he applauded the idea of Clint Howard being devoured by Gentle Ben—a concept that, really, I think we can all get behind…even today.)

I’m still struggling with this week’s Mayberry Mondays piece (which means it will be Mayberry Tuesdays) but hope to have it up by tonight; in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this Daily Beast list of America’s Divorce Capitals—Charleston, WV (my birthplace) is ranked #3! (Parkersburg, WV—not far from my hometown stomping grounds of Ravenswood—clocks in at #44.)

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