Monday, November 1, 2010

Subject to change

Because I sat down last night for a Halloween triple feature of House of Wax (1953; on TCM), Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948; on DVD) and Scared Stiff (1953; also on DVD—it was going to be Rosemary’s Baby [1968] but I have apparently mislaid Rosie around the apartment somewhere) I didn’t get started on this week’s Mayberry Mondays as quickly as I would have liked…and a barrage of interruptions today has pushed the deadline back even further.  So I’m hoping to have it up tomorrow—believe me, if there were any other way I could get it done today I would, since "Mayberry Tuesdays" is just so untidy.

I did, however, want to take a quick moment and address an issue that Stacia brought up in the comment section in yesterday’s Halloween post…namely, the practice of The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™ (ka-ching!) of substituting movies at the last moment—which is why when I do a “Coming Distractions” post I always make certain to state that the schedules are tentative.  Like Stacia, I was really looking forward to seeing both The Raven (1963) and The Masque of the Red Death (1964) yesterday like TCM originally announced, and was bummed to learn that they did a last-minute switcheroo.  I thought that as a public service I would go through the November schedule that I received in today’s e-mail and compare it with the schedule that was available when I did the “Coming Distractions” post in August and see if there were any differences.  As it turns out, there are a few—and so I present them here for your edification:

November 5, Friday – TCM had originally scheduled the 1968 feature Boom! as part of a TCM Underground double feature of Joseph Losey films (preceded by Secret Ceremony [1968]) but will instead show the Tallulah Bankhead camp classic Die! Die! My Darling! (1965).

November 6, Saturday – TCM will substitute the previously scheduled Tahiti Nights (1944) with Drums of Tahiti (1954) at 4:30am.

November 8, Monday – Sing Your Worries Away (1942), originally scheduled to be shown at 6:00am, has been pulled.

November 19, Friday – TCM had originally scheduled the 1955 cult classic Dementia (1955) to be shown at 2am on TCM Underground, but the schedule now says that they will show Daughter of Horror in its place.  Now, here’s the problem—Dementia and Daughter are essentially the same movie…but Daughter is the recut version, released with completely unnecessary narration by Ed “Alpo” McMahon.  The version without narration is far superior, so I’m disappointed by this switch—but the original Dementia is available on DVD (it was released by Kino in 2000) so if you want to stick it in your Netflix queue (okay, I apologize for that—that sounds kinda nasty) you’d be much better off.

TCM was going to follow this up with Roman Polanski’s Repulsion (1965), but will now substitute The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976) in its stead.

November 26, Friday – Finally, a schedule change that is actually beneficiary (well, at least I think so).  TCM will flip-flop their showings of Burn! (1968) and Days of Heaven (1978), with Days at 10:45pm and Burn following at 12:30am (it was originally the other way around).  Strange Behavior (1981) then follows at 2:30am but instead of Sleepaway Camp (1983—you will remember that I found this a bit mind-boggling) the channel has a showing of Remember My Name (1978) scheduled instead at 4:15am.  I saw Remember many, many moons ago on IFC and was really impressed by it—it may be the best film the somewhat overrated Alan Rudolph ever directed.

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Stacia said...

NOOOOOO THEY CANCELED "BOOM!" THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I have a copy from when it was on IFC a few years ago so it's not like I, personally, am boned by the news, but others are. People can't live without seeing Liz's sparkly sea anemone hat. They just CAN'T.

And the TCM copy of "Die Die My Darling" is pan 'n' scan, so that sucks double time.


Kevin Deany said...

Ivan, thanks so much for doing this. Darn, I was really looking forward to "Tahiti Nights" too.

And yes, I do have a life.