Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy birthday, Kat!

Today might be the centennial birthday of Jean Harlow, but it’s also the centennial birthday of another individual who may be familiar to devoted Thrilling Days of Yesteryear readers—none other than my sister Kathryn, or “Kat” as she is better known.  Okay, I’m teasing about the centennial part—she’s not that old.  (Her actual age, however, is available by e-mail request.)

I’m expected to put my best foot forward this year in doing what I can to make her natal anniversary a happy one because last year…well, you may remember that I experienced a little health-related incident that required me to spend a little vacation at Athens Regional Medical Center.  But Kat was a trooper throughout this crisis, never complaining about how I overshadowed her birth…okay, I can’t continue with this—I haven’t heard the end of how I sabotaged her birthday, all right?  She made Molly Ringwald’s Sixteen Candles tantrum seem mild in comparison with the grief I got during my convalescence.  In my defense, I certainly didn’t plan what transpired and looking back on that episode don’t remember a lot of what went on at the time—all I can recollect is hearing her voice giving orders to people in the examining room and saying to myself: “Dear God, do not let her operate on me.”

Kat…for what it’s worth, I’ll never be able to appreciate your rising to the occasion at the time and I apologize for you having such a crappy birthday—this year’s will be sensational, particularly because of the cool present I got you (hint: it’s not socks).  Joyeux anniversaire (Tish!  I spoke French!) and I love you so much, sis!

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ClassicBecky said...

I love it! "Tish, you spoke French!" (Kisses up the arm). that phrase is a catchword in my family ever since the Addams family was on TV. Your sister is lucky to have such a smart and funny brother. Happy Birthday Kat!