Thursday, March 31, 2011

Subject to change

Turner Classic Movies kicks off a brand new month of classic movie programming tomorrow and even though I gave you a taste of what to expect back in January they reserve the right to make last-minute changes…some of which, I might point out, displeased some folks (there were more than a few fans disappernted because they canceled a scheduled showing of the 1935 film The Public Menace, if the comments section here at TDOY is any indicator).  Well, they’ve tweaked the April schedule and the only change for me that ranks as a true bummer is that they’ve switched an April 23rd showing (4pm) of Telefon (1977)—which I regret not grabbing when they ran it during the Summer Under the Stars nod to my pretend girlfriend Lee Remick—with Bhowani Junction (1956).  (I think Bobby Osbo had something to do with this decision—I just don’t have the proof to convict him.)

They’ve also yanked Let’s Do It Again (1953), a musical remake of 1937’s The Awful Truth, from their Star of the Month fete for Ray Milland—Irene (1940), originally scheduled at 4:30am, moves up to the vacant 2:45am slot and will then be followed by The Bachelor Father (1931; 4:30am) and Polly of the Circus (1932; 6:15am).  To return the schedule to normalcy, the channel will show Dancing Lady (1933) at 7:30am—a film that I’ve always thought could unite chick flick fans and devotees of lowbrow comedy because it features both Joan Crawford/Clark Gable and The Three Stooges.

Doris Day fans that had planned to savor one of her all-time worst films in Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (1968) during her April 22 birthday tribute will have to make do with The Tunnel of Love (1958), which will replace Lights at 4:30pm.  (If it’s any consolation, both films would appear to have a connection with darkness.)  A positive addition to the TCM schedule is The One That Got Away (1957), which has been substituted for Breakout (1959) at 12 midnight on April 15 (following the POW-themed The Wooden Horse and The Colditz Story); Leonard Maltin gives Got Away 3 stars and there were several enthusiastic comments made about the film in its entry in the TCM Database.

Other changes that weren’t noted in my original post but that are of some interest:

April 1, Friday: The TCM Underground showing of Joseph Losey’s These are the Damned (1963) is out and Daughters of Satan (1972) will take its place at 4am.  This seems kind of silly seeing as Losey’s Secret Ceremony (1968) is still on the schedule at 2am…it throws the double feature slightly out-of-whack.

April 8, Friday: Another TCM Underground switch—the 1988 remake of The Blob will bow out gracefully to make room for The Green Slime (1969).  “Hey, they’re both about out-of-control ooze…who’s gonna know the difference?”

April 15, Friday: Same title, different movie—the originally listed version of Reno (1930) with silent serial heroine Ruth Roland is in actuality a 1939 film with Richard Dix about Nevada divorce lawyers.  (Personally, the Roland film sounds like it would be a tad more interesting and far rarer.)

April 17, Sunday: Instant Love (1964) will be replaced by The Tales of Hoffmann (1951) at 9:45pm.

While we’re on the subject, I’d just like to go on record and state that I’m none too fond of the changes made to The Greatest Cable Channel Known to Mankind™’s website.  Change may be good sometimes but when it produces unforeseen consequences the old bromide of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a bromide for a reason.  The bookmark I have set up for TCM’s future schedule is no longer in working order (I either get some messages about zombies eating the page or it defaults to the latest lineup)…and I have a sneaking suspicion that the tremendous popularity of the Coming Distractions feature at TDOY might be the reason for the website changes.  In an independent poll that I cobbled together shortly before composing this post I asked the question: “Is Robert Osborne getting tired of my snarky comments about the upcoming movies on TCM from month-to-month?”  (Unofficially, 89% of the respondents voted yes.  Curse you, Osborne!)

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Stacia said...

Holy cow, it's "The Green Slime"! Yay!

I have kicked myself a dozen times for missing "Telefon" back when it was on Encore constantly in the late 1990s. Kept wanting to see it, never did, now it's never on anymore.