Saturday, May 7, 2011

“Fish don’t fry in the kitchen/Beans don’t burn on the grill…”

I’m pleased to announce that this is the very first post composed at the new Rancho Yesteryear, which the ‘rents and I officially moved into this afternoon (though this time they were ahead of me; they brought their stuff in last night).  There will be a gradual phasing out of the old House of Yesteryear (I still have some crap over there because I have until the end of the month to officially vacate the premises) but for now this is it, cartooners—and I have to say the new place is very nice.  It’s a little smaller than what Mom, Dad and I are used to but I swear my bedroom is larger than the one I slept in at my old digs—I actually got my computer and desk into it, which I didn’t think was going to happen (it stayed in the guest room at my previous address).  I would supply pictures of the new haunts (including our impressive display of boxes filled with our assorted crap) but I’ve packed the camera away in one of said boxes and it will probably take me a while to remember which one it’s in.  (Don’t think I can’t hear you laughing out there.)

Mom is in exceptionally good spirits—she was doing a bit of cleaning this afternoon and some cartoon birds and animals joined her so…wait a sec…I’m sorry, that’s Snow White I’m thinking of.  The change in scenery has done such wonders for her that she’s starting to speak in superlatives—we ordered some pizza from Pizza Hut this eve and she proclaimed it the best she’d ever eaten (I hear Jack Benny was the same way; he’d be in a restaurant drinking from his water glass and proclaim: “This is the best water I’ve ever drank…”).  Even Dad seems to be cultivating a mood of joviality, but I think that may be because the place we’re renting has its rooms all on the same floor and both of them no longer have to trudge up and down a flight of steps (they lived in the downstairs area of my sister Kat’s place).  There was only a slight hiccup this afternoon when my mother begged my father to call the landlady to find out why she couldn’t get the washer to work and she sent a plumber out only to learn that Mom had neglected to plug it in.  (Mom’s maiden name, as you may suspect, is not “MacGillicuddy.”)

Mom assigned me two major tasks this afternoon: the first being getting the computer up and running (and as you can see, mission accomplished) and the second was getting the TV set up because “the NBA playoffs are on tonight.”  It was while I was hooking up the TV, cable box and DVD recorder that I discovered my father, the wily and parsimonious Ivan, Sr., did something completely out of character for him: he sprang for the deluxe CharredHer cable package which means we now get…drum roll please…the Fox Movie Channel (not to mention Sundance and IFC…well, on second thought, I won’t mention IFC because they’ve gone and done the same thing as their sister station AMC and started interrupting their programming with commercials—even in their On Demand offerings, which I discovered to my chagrin while watching Open Water 2: Adrift one Saturday evening).  You could have cut off my nose with a pound of butter, as Sade Gook used to say—we have to pay extra for FMC, and the words “pay extra” and “cable” simply cannot be used in the same sentence as my father’s name and still be grammatically correct.

In conclusion, I’d like the record to show that it took me less time to complete the TV installation that it did the previous time I did it at the old Castle Yesteryear…but the computer setup took me longer than usual.  Six of one, half a dozen of another…

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Laura said...

Congrats on Fox Movie Channel! They repeat like crazy but there are usually a handful of "new" titles each month which make it worthwhile. They do use pan & scans too often, but not as permanently as Encore Westerns. (grin) I'm really glad I have FMC.

Best wishes,

Scott said...

Congratulations on the new digs, and on FMC, which I've coveted since I first heard about it on the old AOL Classic Horror Board (they were staging a Charlie Chan festival, and it had all the movie mavens in a sepia-toned, silver nitrate-slathered snit).

Stacia said...

even in their On Demand offerings

WHAT?! That is completely insane and irretrievably tacky.

Jeff Overturf said...

Enjoy your ne digs! A little change can add a whole new outlook!

ClassicBecky said...

No offense, Ivan (although that is possible), I can't imagine Open Water 2: Adrift being harmed by commercials -- P U! However, like Stacia, I am appalled by commercials in On-Demand movies. I was very outspoken with theatre managers when commericals were first brought to movie theatres, and as you can see, I was a resounding failure at that attempt at revolution!
I am so jealous at your new package of cable stations! I had to downsize and lost -- I can hardly make myself say it -- Turner Classic Movies! I am bereft! I feel like someone has cut off my right arm. Maybe I could go back to the old days of no electricity- you know, handwashing laundry, pumping water from a well, reading by candlelight -- and save enough money for TCM. Oh, but that won't work -- I need that for TCM! Ack!

Congrats on your new place. Glad you're back on again.