Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You like me! You really like me!

In all the excitement of my racing to the stage yesterday to pick up my coveted Liebster Blog Award, it escaped my notice that I actually copped a second Liebster on the same day—this one from frequent commenter Dawn at (I really like this blog title, by the way) Noir and Chick Flicks.  (Bookends!) Two items of interest involving Dawn’s bestowing me with this award: (1) I learned of this only after I finished watching Stranger in Town (1932) on TCM this morning—which Dawn talks about in this post.  She also has an additional piece up on TDOY obsession Ann Dvorak here, with a photograph that I plan to swipe when she’s not looking…easy…easy…and…

I don’t think she saw me…but you never know.  (“Gosh, Dawn…I have no idea where that photo came from…”)  In a further staggering bit of Internets coincidence, I’m working on a review right now on a film that features…yes, Ann Dvorak.  (She even sings and dances in this one!)

Oh, and the second bit of trivia is that Dawn handed me this award without having to call me the Yiddish expression for a certain dangly area of the male anatomy.  (Kidding…I kid because I love.)  So I thank Dawn profusely for thinking so highly of TDOY, and suggest that you make her blog one of your daily visits—she’s always got something interesting going on in the sidebar.

Meanwhile, in the “Can you feel the love tonight?” department, the vacationing Stacia (she’s going marlin fishing later today) e-mailed me this morning to give me a heads-up about a post at Nathanael Hood’s Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s probing analysis of why it would be compulsory to obtain proof that John Agar’s physician in the science fiction film classic Tarantula (1955) does, in fact, possess a medical degree ended up with a third-place finish as chosen by the participants in FCY’s Monster Mash blogathon.  I want to thank every one who voted for my entry; watching the movie again may not have been the pleasantest of experiences but mocking it mercilessly certainly was, which is why I got such a thrill of contributing the piece to Nate’s ‘thon.  If there was a cash prize involved, I would use it to make a charitable donation to the Society for the Prevention of Gi-Normous Eight-Legged Freaks (S.P.G.E.F.).  So remember, impressionable young children out there in Yesteryear Land—John Agar is only pretending to be a man of science.  Don’t sample large pools of tarantula spool without proper parental supervision.  (This has been a public service announcement from TDOY.)

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KC said...

Well-earned because of your talent; well-deserved because you're so darn swell! Congrats Ivan.

Dawn said...

Ivan, Caught ya! Swiping picures.. You are more than welcome to swipe any picture on N and CF. Thank you for the nice words.

ClassicBecky said...

I'm never going to live that down, am I Marlo(n)? You know what I mean! Dawn was very wise to choose your blog - none of us want you to cry into your pillow, so we got together and .... well, I wasn't supposed to tell that...

Ann Dvorak is so beautiful, I really hate her. I mean, I love her, but I really hate her. Gorgeous young women bring out the split personality in me.

I think Tarantula deserves the third place award - and I really mean that. (HaHa?) It was a lot of fun. John Agar hasn't received this much publicity since he got arrested for domestic violence against Shirley Temple - beast!