Monday, July 2, 2012

Shine on, you crazy Diamond

Profuse apologies for keeping everyone on tenterhooks about the Richard Diamond: Surplus Homicides giveaway results—the ‘rents and I received a visit from my sister-in-law and nephew this morning, and he seemed quite concerned when my father jokingly told him that I was playing with one of his toy cars (which I found hiding under the massive footstool in front of Count Comfy von Chair) while he was away this weekend at a wedding of a close friend of sister Kat’s.  (His apprehension quickly turned to amusement at the thought of “Uncle Ivan” playing with his toys.)  Nephew Davis was talked into being the ring bearer at this affair, and was further convinced to be fitted for a tiny tuxedo when Kat and Katie mentioned he would be “Sir Topham Hatt” from the Thomas the Tank Engine stories.  (The day before the wedding, the A/C in the church in which it was to be held conked out…so Davis had to resort to a stripped-down version because of the intense heat inside the jernt.  Cue the sad trombone!)

The winners of the Surplus Homicides sets are Greg D. of the neighboring state of Florida, and the blogosphere’s own Laura of Miscellaneous Musings fame.  Congratulations to the both of you, and I only wish I was able to send out one of these Radio Spirits sets (a $31.95 value) to everybody who entered…particularly since the response was pretty high (not as high as the time I gave away the Johnny Dollar set, but definitely larger than usual).  I hope to have some more swag to give away soon, so keep an eye out for more announcements of fabulous prizes here at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

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silverscreenings said...

Arrrgh! I can't believe I missed this give-away! Ah well! Am a big fan of Richard Diamond and am thrilled to see that he's still relevant. :)