Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Night at the MOVIES!

Last Sunday morning, I had the digital sub-channel known as MOVIES! on (well, I was up at 8am—don’t everyone be surprised at once) and was astonished to see that the station runs an occasional two-reeler to fill up the gaps in time (sadly, they do not provide this information at their website’s schedule).  For the curious, they showed The Laurel & Hardy Murder Case (1930)…and anytime I can get my fix of The Boys is a good thing, because I start the day in a pleasant mood and am able to resist the urge to pass out the assisted living brochures among my parents.  Anyway, as part of TDOY’s required community service, here’s what you can watch on the channel this week:

Sunday, September 22
08:40am Diamond Head (1963)
11:00am A Night to Remember (1942)
01:00pm Seven Thieves (1960)
03:15pm Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982)
05:40pm The Big Town (1987)
08:00pm Absence of Malice (1981)
10:35pm Come Back, Little Sheba (1952)
12:40am Absence of Malice (1981)
03:10am Come Back, Little Sheba (1952)
05:15am The President’s Analyst (1967)

Monday, September 23
08:00am Bug (1975)
10:10am Cujo (1983)
12:10pm Friday the 13th - Part III (1982)
02:15pm Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)
04:20pm Reprisal! (1956)
06:00pm Hostile Guns (1967)
08:00pm Rio Grande (1950)
10:15pm The Proud Ones (1956)
12:20am Rio Grande (1950)
02:35am The Proud Ones (1956)
04:40am Phase IV (1974)

Tuesday, September 24
06:40am Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939)
08:20am The Molly Maguires (1970)
11:00am Blind Fury (1989)
12:55pm Hard Times (1975)
02:55pm The Italian Job (1969)
05:05pm Chinatown (1974)
08:00pm Against All Odds (1984)
10:30pm About Last Night (1986)
01:05am Against All Odds (1984)
03:45am About Last Night (1986)

Wednesday, September 25
06:20am Cripple Creek (1952)
08:00am The Family Jewels (1965)
10:10am Ship of Fools (1965)
01:25pm Boeing-Boeing (1965)
03:35pm The Rat Race (1960)
05:50pm Do Not Disturb (1965)
08:00pm Sabrina (1954)
10:30pm Good Neighbor Sam (1964)
01:30am Sabrina (1954)
04:00am Good Neighbor Sam (1964)

Thursday, September 26
08:00am Rio Grande (1950)
10:15am 7th Cavalry (1956)
11:55am Comanche Station (1960)
01:30pm The Jayhawkers (1959)
03:40pm Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966)
06:00pm The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
08:00pm The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
11:30pm The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
03:05am Murphy's War (1971)
05:25am Teacher's Pet (1958)

Friday, September 27
08:00am Summer Rental (1985)
10:00am The President's Analyst (1967)
12:20pm The Big Picture (1989)
02:30pm Lady Sings the Blues (1972)
05:40pm Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982)
08:00pm Bye Bye Birdie (1963)
10:20pm Wild in the Country (1961)
12:50am Bye Bye Birdie (1963)
03:10am Wild in the Country (1961)
05:40am Pretty Baby (1978)

Saturday. September 28
08:15am Call of the Wild (1935)
10:00am Kids Programming (FCC-mandated)
01:00pm Cujo (1983)
03:00pm Day of the Animals (1977)
05:05pm Good Neighbor Sam (1964)
08:00pm Ship of Fools (1965)
11:10pm Ship of Fools (1965)
02:30am Dangerous Crossing (1953)
04:10am Nightmare Alley (1947)


Classic Film and TV Cafe said...

Ivan, that's an interesting mix of the old and the new. There are a couple of offbeat pics I'd like to see again, specifically PHASE IV (a sci fi directed by title designer Saul Bass) and THE PRESIDENT'S ANALYST (with James Coburn).

Dennis said...

I have had MOVIES since July and I was thrilled when I first saw Laural and Hardy on their channel. But I came to realise that they only have about 4 shorts that they show over and over and over. Dennis

Stacia said...

For anyone recording these, Dead Heat on a Merry Go Round and The President's Analyst make a terrific double feature.

The Metzinger Sisters said...

That's a pretty good lineup..for a channel I never heard of. I especially like Sept. 25th's movie selection. Anytime a station plays Good Neighbor Sam, it gets the thumbs-up from me!

David said...

Ditto on "Good Neighbor Sam"! It's one of my favorite sexist 1960s comedies. And watching "Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round" is worth it just to hear Rose Marie say, "He wore a truss."

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Sisters Metzinger:

MOVIES! is a fairly new offering (it started in January) but it has been slowly and steadily adding stations. Click here to see if it's available in your neck of the swamp.