Sunday, June 29, 2014

Get your ‘thon on!

If you were worried that we might not have an installment of Doris Day(s) ready to go up tomorrow…fret ye not; I’m working on it as you read this (though it might be posted later than is the norm).  Now that you’ve all scattered to the four corners of the Blogosphere, I thought I’d bring your attention to a pair of upcoming blogathons in which you might wish to participate.

Having seized control of the levers of Blogathon power, Fritzi at Movies Silently is determined not to surrender without a major skirmish.  (By my count, this is Movies Silently’s third blogathon this year—we may have to stage an intervention.)  This time ‘round, it’s Accidentally Hilarious—which will concentrate on those classic movies that, in Fritzi’s words, “are amusing for all the wrong reasons.  The ones that ended up as gems of unintentional comedy.”  I’m going to have sit this one out—mostly because I’ve got some prior commitments, both blog-related and un-blog-related—but I wish her all the best.  The festivities will get underway from July 13-15.

Over at A Shroud of Thoughts, my man TTC is gearing up for The British Invaders Blogathon, scheduled from August 1 -3 and spotlighting “the best in British classic films. While many people think of Hollywood when they think of movies, the fact is that the United Kingdom has made many many significant contributions to film.  From Alfred Hitchcock to Hammer Films to Tony Richardson, the cinema would be a poorer place without the British.”  Certainly can’t argue with that.

I was thinking I’d have to take a pass on this one, too—but then I remembered that among the movies I’m hoping to clear from the U-Verse Total DVR-For-Life© is Went the Day Well? (1942), and I thought that would be a great fit for the ‘thon so I told Terry I’m in.  He’s got a few ground rules for this one so if you’re interested in participating, click here for the details.


Scott said...

"Accidentally Hilarious", you say? Finally, a blogathon theme for which I feel at least minimally qualified.

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Finally, a blogathon theme for which I feel at least minimally qualified.

It's the role you were born to play!

Fritzi Kramer said...

Thanks for the shout out! (I'm afraid I am way past intervention.)