Saturday, April 12, 2014

Due to circumstances beyond my control…

I am swamped!  Swamped, I tells ya!  There’s Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s entry in The Diamond & Gold Blogathon that will post later today, plus some Radio Spirits assignments that I’m in the home stretch on…so I’ve had to pre-empt Serial Saturdays this weekend and the (triumphant) return of Doris Day(s) on Monday.  I’ve also got my entry in The James Stewart Blogathon to prepare for Wednesday, so while the ol’ blog won’t be completely content-free it’s look like I’ll have to get a better handle on this concept you humans call “time management” until I can clear out my inbox.

Management regrets the delay, and we’ll be taking off shortly…so please fasten your safety belts and observe the ‘no smoking’ signs…and thanks for flying TDOY.

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Caftan Woman said...

For once in my life I'm ahead on a few of my posts and ashamed to say that this unaccustomed orderliness is causing some very nasty smugness.

I laugh at your dilemma. I laugh hardest because we all know you can pull it off with apparent ease. Swamped? You live for swamped. You work best under swamped.