Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Monday Night at the MOVIES!

Apologies for not having this up yesterday—I was preoccupied with some eBay-related doin’s, and I completely forgot about putting together this week’s schedule for the Fox Movie Channel wannabe MOVIES!  (I also forgot to assemble a timely Coming Distractions for October, which starts tomorrow.  Sadly, I have become tres slack in recent weeks.)

Anyway, I’ve decided to start the MOVIES! feature on Mondays from now on, where it will share the blog spotlight with Doris Day(s) once I get back on track doing those write-ups.  So here’s what you can look forward to this week:

September 30, Monday
08:00am The Bounty Killer (1965)
10:00am Hostile Guns (1967)
12:00pm The Assassination Bureau (1969)
02:20pm Rio Grande (1950)
04:35pm Hatari! (1962)
08:00pm Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
12:55am Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
05:45am The Osterman Weekend (1983)

October 1, Tuesday
08:45am J.W. Coop (1971)
11:05am Two Rode Together (1961)
01:30pm Uncommon Valor (1983)
03:45pm The White Dawn (1974)
06:05pm Fighting Mad (1976)
08:00pm The African Queen (1951)
10:15pm Stalag 17 (1953)
12:55am The African Queen (1951)
03:10am Stalag 17 (1953)
05:50am The Last Wagon (1956)

October 2, Wednesday
08:00am Hangman's Knot (1952)
09:45am Last of the Comanches (1953)
11:40am I Deal in Danger (1966)
01:40pm Don't Look Now (1973)
04:00pm White Line Fever (1975)
06:00pm Assassination (1987)
08:00pm Death Wish (1974)
10:00pm Death Wish III (1985)
12:05am Death Wish (1974)
02:05am Death Wish III (1985)
04:10am The Psychopath (1966)
05:55am The Desperados (1969)

October 3, Thursday
08:00am The Last Wagon (1956)
10:10am Sea Wife (1957)
11:55am Backlash (1947)
01:20pm Hanover Street (1979)
03:40pm A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (1988)
05:40pm Donovan's Reef (1963)
08:00pm From Here to Eternity (1953)
10:35pm Phone Call From A Stranger (1952)
12:40am From Here to Eternity (1953)
03:15am Phone Call From A Stranger (1952)
05:20am An Unmarried Woman (1978)

October 4, Friday
08:45am The Desperadoes (1943)
10:40am Cowboy (1958)
12:45pm Fools' Parade (1971)
02:55pm Irreconcilable Differences (1984)
05:30pm Moscow on the Hudson (1984)
08:00pm Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)
10:15pm Stir Crazy (1980)
12:40am Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)
02:55am Stir Crazy (1980)
05:20am Walking Tall (1973)

October 5, Saturday
08:30am Jungle Man-Eaters (1954)
10:00am Kids Programming (FCC-mandated)
01:00pm The Return of the Fly (1959)
02:45pm The Tingler (1959)
04:30pm Dead Men Tell (1941)
05:50pm Dear Brigitte (1965)
08:00pm Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
10:30pm Funny Face (1957)
12:50am Cry of the City (1948)
02:55am Backlash (1947)
04:20am The House on 92nd Street (1945)

October 6, Sunday
06:20am Dressed to Kill (1941)
08:00am A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945)
11:00am Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)
12:35pm Warning Shot (1967)
02:50pm Irreconcilable Differences (1984)
05:20pm An Unmarried Woman (1978)
08:00pm The Rose (1979)
10:55pm Nadine (1987)
12:50am The Rose (1979)
03:45am Nadine (1987)
05:40am King of the Gypsies (1978)

Oh, goody…a night of Death Wish movies on Wednesday.  I know someone’s mother will be very pleased.  (I will not reveal her identity, because it could be embarrassing for me…er, her son.)

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