Serial Saturdays

G-Men Never Forget (1948)
Chapter 2: 100,000 Volts
Chapter 3: Code Six Four Five
Chapter 4: Shipyard Saboteurs
Chapter 6: Marked Evidence
Chapter 7: Hot Cargo
Chapter 8: The Fatal Letter
Chapter 9: The Death Wind
Chapter 10: The Innocent Victim
Chapter 11: Counter-Plot
Chapter 12: Exposed

Jungle Queen (1945)
Chapter 2: Jungle Sacrifice
Chapter 4: Wildcat Stampede
Chapter 5: The Burning Jungle
Chapter 6: Danger Ship
Chapter 7: Trip-Wire Murder
Chapter 8: The Mortar Bomb
Chapter 9: Death Watch
Chapter 10: Execution Chamber
Chapter 11: The Trail of Doom
Chapter 12: Dragged Under

The Green Hornet (1940)
Chapter 2: Thundering Terror
Chapter 3: Flying Coffins
Chapter 4: Pillar of Flame
Chapter 5: The Time Bomb
Chapter 6: Highways of Peril
Chapter 7: Bridge of Disaster
Chapter 8: Dead or Alive
Chapter 9: The Hornet Trapped
Chapter 10: Bullets and Ballots
Chapter 12: Panic in the Zoo

Adventures of Sir Galahad (1949)
Chapter 1: The Stolen Sword
Chapter 2: Galahad's Daring
Chapter 3: Prisoners of Ulric
Chapter 4: Attack on Camelot
Chapter 6: Passage of Peril
Chapter 7: Unknown Betrayer
Chapter 8: Perilous Adventure
Chapter 9: Treacherous Magic
Chapter 11: Valley of No Return
Chapter 12: Castle Perilous
Chapter 14: Quest for the Queen
Chapter 15: Galahad's Triumph

Don Winslow of the Navy (1942)
Chapter 1: The Human Torpedo
Chapter 2: Flaming Death
Chapter 3: Weapons of Horror
Chapter 4: Towering Doom

Riders of Death Valley (1941)
Chapter 2: The Menacing Herd
Chapter 4: Flaming Fury
Chapter 6: Blood and Gold
Chapter 8: Descending Doom
Chapter 10: Devouring Flames
Chapter 11: The Fatal Blast
Chapter 12: Thundering Doom
Chapter 15: The Harvest of Hate 

Government Agents vs. Phantom Legion (1951)
Chapter 1: River of Fire
Chapter 2: The Stolen Corpse
Chapter 3: The Death Drop
Chapter 4: Doorway to Doom
Chapter 5: Deadline for Disaster
Chapter 6: Mechanical Homicide
Chapter 7: Flaming Highway
Chapter 8: Sea Saboteurs
Chapter 9: Peril Underground
Chapter 10: Execution by Accident
Chapter 11: Perilous Plunge
Chapter 12: Blazing Retribution

The Black Widow (1947)
Chapter 1: Deadly Prophecy
Chapter 2: The Stolen Formula
Chapter 3: Hidden Death
Chapter 4: Peril in the Sky
Chapter 6: Glass Guillotine
Chapter 7: Wheels of Death
Chapter 8: False Information
Chapter 10: The Stolen Corpse
Chapter 12: The Talking Mirror
Chapter 13: A Life for a Life

Zorro's Black Whip (1944)
Chapter 1: The Masked Avenger
Chapter 2: Tomb of Terror
Chapter 3: Mob Murder
Chapter 4: Detour to Death
Chapter 5: Take Off That Mask!
Chapter 6: Fatal Gold
Chapter 7: Wolf Pack
Chapter 8: The Invisible Victim
Chapter 9: Avalanche
Chapter 10: Fangs of Doom
Chapter 11: Flaming Juggernaut
Chapter 12: Trial of Tyranny


Pa Stark said...

Did you stop reviewing serials?

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Did you stop reviewing serials?

Pa, I swear I'm going to finish Riders of Death Valley in a couple of weeks and then move onto a new one. Just trying to juggle a couple of projects that have gotten in the way recently.

Pa Stark said...

Here are a couple of suggestions for your next serial: THE LOST PLANET or THE LOST CITY. Two totally insane and over the top serials.

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Back before Salon Blogs pointed its Evil Disintegration Ray at the old address for Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, I did a write-up for The Lost Planet (not a chapter-by-chapter basis, just all in one swell foop). You are not kidding about the insanity in that one, and it's an enjoyable bit of fromage.

I've just about decided that the next offering will be Government Agents vs. Phantom Legion; about 97% of the serials I own are in boxes in my Dad's storage shed (and I can't get to them anytime soon) so I pretty much have to go with what I have handy. I bought this one from Cheezy Flicks during the holidays with a discount coupon and I figured since it's one of the late-era Republics we can have a lot of fun with it.