Monday, May 20, 2013

“Sorry, ma’am…the bridge to Mayberry is washed out…”

Before everyone starts in with the wisecracks—“Whatsa matter?  Did you lose the R.F.D. DVD, too?”—I need to state that I do have the disc and that I actually got started on the Mayberry Mondays on Sunday.  But Sunday was also the natal anniversary of my nephew Davis, and one of the gifts he received (from Mater and Pater, if memory serves me correct—I, in turn, got him a seaplane from Green Toys) was a container of Lincoln Logs that he wanted his “Uncle Ivan” to help him suss out.  (Seriously—he was so excited about this that he started waving his arms up and down repeatedly, which his moms have assured me is the universal sign of his approval.)

We set aside time to play with them today because Davis came over for a couple of hours…and by the time we were done with that and his new fire truck, I still had my ClassicFlix material to assemble, plus a blog post you’ll find at Radio Spirits tomorrow at 8am.  So I apologize for sloughing the MM off till next week…but seriously—could you refuse a face like this?

I didn’t think so.  Meet me here next week for the postponed Mayberry shenanigans.


Scott said...

I'm just thrilled to find out they still make Lincoln Logs. Now if they could only find a less suggestive name for Erector Sets.

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

This is the set my parents ended up buying him.

Lincoln Logs have changed dramatically since I was a kid. It used to be nothing but logs, and if you wanted a door or a window you just put a big gap where those fixtures would be. The roof was made up of red triangles, wooden green slats and a yellow chimney that sat on top. Vee-ola! Little House on the Prairie.

The problem with this Double T Ranch thing is that you don't get enough logs to enclose everything you there are huge, gaping holes in the structures -- enough to free Pa Ingalls' Walnut Groves off. But you can't explain this to the nephew -- he'll run his hands across where there are no walls and ask "What do we put here?"

Clearly this is a transparent ploy by the Lincoln Logs people to get me to buy more of these friggin' things.

Dawn Sample said...

How cute is he.. Maybe, I should invite you guys over to help my Grandson and I put together his Lego.. "SpongeBob SquarePants Pirate Ship". I swear not all the pieces were included in the box..

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your site, your posts, and I was nominated on Sunday, May 19, for my blog, for a Super Sweet Bloggers Award, and have now passed that award on to you.

Patti said...

Blogs will always be around, but little nephews who want to play with their uncles, won't be. You made the better choice!

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Blogs will always be around, but little nephews who want to play with their uncles, won't be.

A comment more prescient than you realize.

I've kind of downplayed this on the blog, but my nephew is going to be moving to the West Coast with his moms in a couple of months. (My sister Kat is already there at her new job, establishing base camp and all.) It's not a particularly joyous time here at Rancho Yesteryear, so we're trying to make the best out of it while we can.