Monday, June 9, 2014

The Doris Delay Show

Because of my hectic workload last week, what with the blogathons and the outside assignments and such, I found myself adopting a slug-like existence over the weekend…and that’s why I had to postpone this week’s edition of Doris Day(s).  I’ve got some things in the hopper this week as well, but I’m gambling they won’t interfere with a regular transmission of the signature Thrilling Days of Yesteryear feature next Monday.  (Knock wood.)

I did want to take some time to let the blog faithful know of an upcoming blogathon that, admittedly, is a little out of the TDOY wheelhouse…but sometimes you have to say “What the fudge.”  Twitter pal Barry of Cinematic Catharsis has announced The Goldblumathon this August 1-3.  As you’ve no doubt sussed out, the blogathon will celebrate the cinematic oeuvre of character actor Jeff Goldblum…and when I got wind of the ‘thon, I toyed with the idea of writing up his participation on Law & Order: Criminal Intent…only because mi madre will watch reruns of that series with precious little prompting.  (At the risk of stoking the ire of the pitchforks-and-torches crowd, it’s probably my least favorite in the L&O franchise—as witnessed by my nicknaming Vincent D’Onofrio’s character “Detective Twitchy.”)

A quick glance of Mr. G’s cinematic C.V. revealed that I had a handful of his movies in the dusty TDOY archives…and while my first choice was Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), I learned that my compadre Monstergirl had asked to tackle that one.  So I called an audible and am now going with Between the Lines (1977), which I was fortunate enough to secure a copy a few months ago during a MGM-UA DVD sale at  If you’re interested in participating in the Goldblumathon, skate on over to Cinematic Catharsis and sign up, won’t ya?  (It’s his first blogathon, so please…be gentle.)

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