Saturday, July 5, 2014

Montego eBay

It pains me to have to relay this bad news…but our weekly Serial Saturdays foray will have to be postponed this week, and it looks as if we’ll lose Doris Day(s), too.  When I explained that the one-day delay in Doris’ misadventures was due to that puzzling dresser drawer incident on Facebook, many of you used the occasion to demonstrate that while 10,000 comedians might be looking for work you were more than willing to do it for free.  So I hope what I’m about to transcribe here releases your inner Henny Youngman, good people.

We’re in the middle of a dodgy financial patch here at Rancho Yesteryear—well, it’s really not as dire as it sounds, though…I mean…we’re not having to eat out of garbage cans yet.  But Mater has suggested to me that it might be prudent if we had a little extra spending money to alleviate the pain of a couple of looming expenses crises…and if you’ve been reading the blog a while, you know what that means.  Yes, it’s back to the environs of eBay with my tin cup in hand, selling off bits and pieces of the dusty Thrilling Days of Yesteryear archives.  I’m not wild about doing this, seeing as how my DVD library has really taken a hit in the past few years…but I’m also not crazy about watching my parents stand outside of Publix and dance for change.  So I’ve spent the past few days familiarizing myself with the phrase “Sophie’s choice,” and believe you me—as a dedicated cinephile and DVD collector it is often heartbreakingly tragic parting with movies I’d much rather keep.

I’ll be introducing items to be sold later this evening at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT), and then in the ensuing days adding more and more discs as soon as I’m able to organize a little better.  There’s a lot of used Warner Archive product that you can capitalize on, as far as discounts go…and of course, because I have a bad habit of buying DVDs and then being painfully slow to getting around to look at them, a lot of the discs remain in an unopened state.  (I will put up a “button” on the right side of the blog that will whisk you away to my eBay auctions with winged feet once the first one starts.)

Because I have to do this, it means that the normal blogging will slow to a temporary trickle whilst I juggle my outside assignments (blogathons, RS, CF, etc.) so I hope you will be patient until these storm clouds pass.  In closing, I’d like to wish my sister Debbie the happiest of birthdays and leave you with a selfie of her and my niece, brandishing her new braces.

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