Friday, October 16, 2015

Victory lap

We have a winner in the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Don Rickles Giveaway…and it is none other than the Hoosier State’s own Tom Stillabower!  Tom had the lucky entry via the number generator, which means that he is the recipient of both CPO Sharkey: The Complete Second Season and The Don Rickles TV Specials, Volume 1.  I want to thank everyone who entered: I’ll be honest—I got way more entries than I expected, what with my unplanned and extended leave from the blog and all.  I wish I had more of these discs to give out like Tee Ball trophies to everyone who did drop me an e-mail…but sadly, there can be only one.

My long absence from TDOY, by the way (you’ll notice the segueways still work like a charm), will be explained this weekend in a post that will highlight what wackiness has been going on at the new Rancho Yesteryear since our July move.  I also hope to have a few odds and ends up next week, so I thank everyone profusely for their patience.

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