Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy fourth blogiverary, She Blogged by Night!!!

(Artist's depiction of Stacia's thrilling escape from the fetid swamp known as "Usenet.")

Four years ago on this date, there was a much-publicized breakout in the women’s wing of Usenet Penitentiary…and among the escapees was classic movie connoisseur, Futurama junkie and the gal I’m proud to call my BBFF (pronounced “buh-biff”), Stacia Jones.  Stacia is solid, prima facia (which, coincidentally, rhymes with “Stacia”) evidence that it is possible for a former Usenet denizen to go straight and channel most of the energy and spare time they spend online towards useful pursuits like embracing vintage films and bad movies with devoted affection; writing about them in a way that can make me spit iced tea all over my computer monitor without warning.  (I spent a brief period of time incarcerated at Usenet myself, and learned that while about 5% of the citizens are good people…the remaining contingent is, to quote a movie Stacia has never seen, “a wretched hive of scum and villainy.”)

I feel sort of guilty in that I’ve let previous SBBN blogiversaries slide in the past by without recognizing them with the appropriate fanfare…but a chance remark she made to me via e-mail inspired me to really do it up right this year, complete with fireworks show (pyrotechnics courtesy of Manhattan, Kansas’ very own “Crazy Jason”) and free hot dogs and Pepsi Throwback for the kids…

“Sta-cia…American Style…truer than the red, white and bluuuuue…” (Okay.  Got a little carried away there.)  I guess what I’m trying to say is since that Stacia decided to set up shop four years ago in Upper Blogistan; I’m tremendously richer for the experience.  And I know you’ll want to join me in stopping by and wishing her a happy blogiversary…if you’re stuck for a gift idea, she’s registered at Hy-Vee (I don’t think anyone’s committed to the Hostess Ho-Ho's Gift Set yet)…

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1 comment:

Stacia said...

Ivan, you're the best guy ever. I can't believe you remembered -- and you got your post up 10 minutes before I posted my own. Seriously, you're wonderful. I wouldn't be still blogging if it wasn't for you.

I should stop before I get so mushy I lose my reputation as a badass.

P.S. I'm going to have to search my sent mail for that chance remark. Hrm.