Monday, June 17, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

It’s going to be a slammin’ week here at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear—I’ve got quite a few things in the hopper, including a book review, kind words for two or three DVD releases that are worth putting in your online shopping cart…and the twelfth and final chapter of the boring but stirringly patriotic Don Winslow of the Navy (1942) this Saturday.

Competing with all that is the news that the recent air-conditioning troubles here at the House of Yesteryear are scheduled to be fixed by some people who are going to not only install a new cooling unit but a brand-new furnace, thanks to the kind generosity of our landlord.  This will apparently be a two-day project (Tuesday and Wednesday)…and I don’t know what the Internet access/electricity situation will be like on those two days but I hope to be able to muddle through.

Over at the Radio Spirits blog today, “radio’s outstanding theatre of thrills” celebrates its 71st birthday—yes, the program with tales well-calculated to keep you in Suspense will be blowing out that many candles on its cake, and I’ve written up a little something to mark the occasion.

I wangled an extra credit assignment for The William Castle Blogathon that will be hosted by The Last Drive-In and Goregirl’s Dungeon from July 29 to August 2; since no one made any advances toward reviewing Bill’s feature film debut, The Chance of a Lifetime (1943), I volunteered to give it the old college try.  I also have the Metzinger Sisters to thank for this, which is why I’m tenting my fingers.  Okay, I’m just joshing—I’m looking forward to covering this one as well, seeing as how I love the Boston Blackie series.

And because I signed up after the previous ‘thon announcements went to press, I wanted to mention the Funny Lady Blogathon that will be sponsored by Movies, Silently on the 29th and 30th of this month (June).  If you’re interested in participating, I would suggest you hie yourself to that smashing blog and sign up in the comments section; here at TDOY, we’ll take a look at the comedy career of one of our all-time favorite classic film stars, the vivacious Thelma Todd.  (*sigh*)

My BBFF Stacia just finished up her recent serial project of Raiders of Ghost City…and if I somehow manage to escape a torture that involves a marathon of movies featuring She Who Must Not Be Named while my eyes are pried open like Malcolm McDowell’s in A Clockwork Orange (1971), I wish her nothing but success in future cliffhanger endeavors.  (Actually, we’re trying to talk her into tackling 1945’s The Monster and the Ape—though I should say, "I," since James Vance seems to have thrown me to the wolves.  I wouldn’t dream of influencing any of you but it might be kind of fun if you moseyed on over to She Blogged By Night and also suggested that she consider that serial…independently, of course.)

Until next time we meet…stay thirsty, my friends!


DorianTB said...

Ivan, THRILLING DAYS OF YESTERYEAR sure sounds like there's plenty to look forward to, from Blogathons to serials to new A.C. -- air conditioning is a beautiful thing! :-D

James Vance said...

My turn to tent my fingers...

Stacia said...

James throwing you under the bus was the funniest thing on SBBN in months, and that includes any of my own attempts at humor.

I am still considering the possibility of this gorilla and robot based serialized movie event.