Saturday, February 25, 2012

Congrats of a Prize-winning and Birthday Nature 2: Texas Blood Money

I’m not entirely sure if I do this sort of thing deliberately or subconsciously but the days I announce winners in the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear giveaways always seem to coincide with a family member’s birthday.  Today is the natal anniversary of my Mom (Irene to ClassicBecky), and I’d reveal which one it is except that I’m perilously close to being written out of the will as it stands.  That’s my Mom in the photo above, by the way; my nephew Davis made a rare breakfast appearance and was scarfing down sausages like he had a date with the electric chair.  (Kid has a jones for pork.)

But now on to bidness—as always, I want to thank everybody who entered and just wish I could send a copy of the Radio Spirits CD-set The Life of Riley: My Head is Made Up! to everyone who floated me an e-mail…I always get a little down when I have to draw the winners out of the hat, particularly when I stop to think that there will be some people who are disappointed.  The winners of the two sets are longtime TDOY supporter Mike Galbreath of the great city of Kalamazoo, MI and the man who tidies up around Cultureshark Tower, Rick “Ka-ching!” Brooks himself.  Congratulations to the pair of you, and I will shoot the Riley collections out to you by next week.

This coming Monday, I’ll have another giveaway planned—it will be for an older Radio Spirits set, but definitely a goodie…and there’ll be two of those to hand out as well.  In the meantime, I need to finish up this week’s Serial Saturdays and then later my father and I will not take my mother out for her birthday because she told us in no uncertain terms she did not want to go anywhere.  (“Don’t spend your money on me…” she whined.  I have the only Jewish mother who’s a confirmed Catholic.)


Unknown said...

Best wishes to your mom for a very happy b-day!

ClassicBecky said...

Happy Birthday, Irene-to-me!! Sorry I'm late with the good wishes. My mother was also a Jewish mother who was a confirmed Catholic -- you would have liked each other!