Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And the CiMBA goes to…

The Classic Movie Blog Association, an august body (they wanted December, but didn’t get the paperwork in on time) of bloggers who share a passion for writing about the vintage stuff, announced the winners of this year’s (2011) CiMBA Awards yesterday at a star-studded affair that was particularly notable for their running out of shrimp puffs far too early.  Okay, I am kidding about that—but I’m definitely not joking when I rap the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear podium for attention in order to applaud those blogs who took home the coveted leonine trophies.

Due to numerous online and offline projects that I was keeping in the air like spinning plates around the time of the nominations, I opted out of submitting anything from TDOY but because True Classics: The ABCs of Classic Film copped top honors for Best Classic Movie Blog Event with The Loving Lucy Blogathon I like to think I can share a teensy piece of the glory because I was a participant in that ‘thon.  (Brandie has informed me that this has afforded me the privilege of polishing the statuette on every other Thursday…and that I must supply my own chamois.)  The women of True Classics were multiple CiMBA winners in that they were also recognized in the Best Profile of a Classic Movie Performer or Filmmaker category with their post on Celebrating Women in Film: The Silent Directors, so congrats to them on that as well.  Other winners include TDOY pal ClassicBecky (who this year avoided another “wardrobe malfunction” incident that gave the 2010 ceremony a black eye) with recognition for Best Classic Movie Article (Mobsters,Pals and Skirts – The Golden Age Of Gangster Movies – 1930-1949 [The Complete Series]), The Lady Eve (positively the same dame!) with Best Dramatic Film Review honors (The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex) and the irrepressible Page at My Love of Old Hollywood winning the Best Musical/Comedy Film Review trophy (The Women [1939]).

Rounding out the winners were a Barbra Streisand-Katharine Hepburn tie (or Wallace Berry-Fredric March, if you prefer) in the Best Classic Movie Discussion category between Backlots (The Final Scene of "The Heiress") and the Classic Film and TV Café (3 on 3 Panel Discussions: Disney's Animated Films, Gangster Films, Film Noir, and Hammer Films)…and last (but certainly not least) Clara of Via Margutta 51’s win for Best Classic Movie Blog Design.  Kudos and victory laps all around to the winners!

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Mark said...

Hey Ivan - congrats! Looks like a lot of good sites and articles there. I've emailed that organization to join at least twice, and never gotten a response. Nonetheless, that looks like some great things happening there. Hope all is well with you!

Page said...

I wish I could have contributed to the I Love Lucy Blogathon, unfortunately a family illness came up.
Whew, where to start? I did arrive to the party long after everyone had filled their cheeks with the shrimp puffs but that's okay because I left with a purse full of petit fours.

I'm still reeling over winning in the comedy category but at the same time very happy to have won for a review on my mothers favorite film, The Women.

Being up against so many incredibly talented writers is nerve racking so I'm thankful the awards are once a year.

Your post was funny and very sweet. Of course I expect no less from you Ivan.

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

but that's okay because I left with a purse full of petit fours

Note to self: start carrying "European shoulder bag"...

Brandie said...

Thanks for the kudos, and for your part in helping secure the nod for Best Event! It really was a great year for classic film blogging as a whole--so much writing talent out there!

P.S. We can give you every third Wednesday, too.