Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Something wicked this way comes…

My boss at ClassicFlix sounded the trumpets on Facebook (or as TBogg hilariously calls it, ShoutyFace), the Twitter machine and e-mail to bring attention to this earth-shaking announcement:

Yes, the first season of Mayberry R.F.D. will be winging its way to DVD-dom on April 8th of the new year—there’s a rundown of the details here.  (The boss man has a sense of humor, because he writes: “Sheriff Andy Taylor takes a backseat in the storylines, establishing the sequel series.”  Backseat?  He wasn’t even in the freaking car most of the time.)

I also got a king-sized giggle out of the DVD cover, which features Mike the Idiot Boy in all his cheese-loving glory (he looks like he could have been Clint Howard’s brother on Gentle Ben), and an uncharacteristically nonchalant Goober with an expression that says: “You wanted this on DVD?  Be careful what you wish for…”  I’d like to think that Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s popular Mayberry Mondays feature played a small role in the eventual arrival of the vanilla pudding of sitcoms to disc; I joked on Facebook that I was taking all the credit for it, which prompted my blogging colleague Scott C. at World O’Crap to retort: “Is ‘credit’ really the right word? The judges are looking for ‘blame,’ but will accept ‘responsibility.’”

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