Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The winning tradition continues

Just wanted to take a quick moment to congratulate Florida’s own Barry B. for being Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s winner in our Henry Morgan/Mutual Radio Theater giveaway!  Barry has been a fan and supporter of the blog for a good many years—he was with TDOY as far back as the Salon Blogs days, and I will get his prizes out to him with all deliberate speed.  As always, I only wish I had enough sets to give one out to all who entered—I had a really nice and responsive turnout for this one, which as always delights yours truly.

Hope to have a review up later today on a pair of films I watched this weekend—but in the meantime, I wanted to toot my horn and point you to a piece over at the Radio Spirits blogFort Laramie, a series that began a short run (in 1956) during the last days of radio celebrates its fifty-seventh anniversary today…so we will cut an extra big slice of cake and serve it up with an extra portion of ice cream because I think the star of that program, Raymond Burr, would have wanted it that way.  I composed some liner notes for a second volume of programs of that series (there were forty broadcasts in all, including an audition pilot that starred Mister John Dehner) that have been recently released by the company…and I wouldn’t be surprised if ol’ Uncle Ivan had some of those to give away in the not-too-distant future.  So stick around for a chance to win more fabulous swag…and in closing, congratulations again to Barry!

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