Friday, May 19, 2017

Due to circumstances beyond my control…

…I had to scotch this week’s presentation of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear’s (ir)regular Crime Does Not Pay feature.  (I picture people hitting the top of their computers shouting: “Honey, I can’t get the blog to work!”)  Long story short (too late!), I had a situation here at Rancho Yesteryear involving several annoyances...chiefly my futile attempt to learn why my prescription has not been called into the pharmacy by the endocrinologist’s office.  (On a side note—I’m kind of pleased with myself that I’ve mastered the proper pronunciation/spelling of “endocrinologist.”  But I digress.)  I hope to have CDNP back next Friday, and there will also be overlooked movies, silent, and dormant TV shows to discuss as well.  Seacrest out.

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Clayton said...

Good to see you rolling along, Ian! I'm back at it after a long-ish break, in which I traveled a bunch, goofed off a bunch, and almost bought it from a lung infection I got while in Uzbekistan! I always love your blog!

Clayton o' Phantom Empires