Saturday, November 23, 2013

A thriller of a birthday…and Thrilling Days of Yesteryear prize winners!

It was on this date in 1887 that William Henry Pratt made his entry into the world…and fans of the actor’s work know him, of course, as the one and only Boris Karloff.  Over at the Radio Spirits blog this morning, we decided to give him a birthday shout-out so if you’re in the neighborhood, we cordially invite you to drop in.  I have never made any secret of my love for the man’s work; you might remember my enthusiastic participation in the Boris Karloff Blogathon that was hosted by Frankensteinia back in 2009, when I looked at a few of his movies (including my favorite, Targets—which won me a CMBA Award) as well as Karloff’s work in radio and TV.  There’s no denying it—Boris is a true Thrilling Days of Yesteryear fave.

And speaking of TDOY faves (smooth as glass, I tells ya) I’m pleased to be able to announce the winners in the blog’s Steel True Giveway—whereupon two lucky entrants from the TDOY readership won copies of the new Barbara Stanwyck biography by author Victoria Wilson, A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True 1907-1940.  I only wish I had been able to give out a copy to everyone who entered…and let me tell you, with the number of people we had enter this thing that would have been a buttload of copies; I had more entries in this than the previous record-holder, the Johnny Dollar: Confidential giveaway I did back in April 2011.  The two recipients of a copy of the book (valued at $40.00) are Elizabeth B. of Norcross, GA and Christine L. of Elverta, CA.  Congratulations to both of them, and I want to once again thank Elina Vaysbeyn at Simon & Schuster for generously donating the prizes.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have some more freebies to giveaway soon, so keep watching the skies!

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